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OK I was wrong…

embarassed monkeyI’ve never believed in or done follow up. (I know I know…)

I KNOW everyone says “the money’s in the follow up” but
I’ve not done it in any of my previous network marketing
companies (four) because I don’t believe it.

Calling people again and again,
after they’ve already received some info from me –
or nagging them about it – has never been appealing to me.

So I never did it in my belly-to-belly companies.

And. I’ve been a top producer in all five companies
I’ve been with, anyway. 🙂


For online marketing, follow up IS cool.  And it works.

It’s cool to me because I don’t have to personally do
the hounding. 

It’s all done through clever and friendly emails,
webinars, videos and other such stuff.  Folks can
unsubscribe if they want, without me “hearing” or
feeling No.

How it works…

I can set up an email or video campaigns to respond
to what my readers are clicking on, or reading, or what they bought
– or didn’t buy.

Some campaigns can go on for a month or more…
all on auto-pilot after I create my messages, and
set them to hit (or not) the in-boxes of my interested readers.
Based on what they read or clicked on…

Online follow-up, done right, is a wonderfully painless way
to get info to folks without me personally setting things up
more than once.  And it’s totally customized to the folks on my list.

Cool indeed. For online marketing. 🙂

PS. Who else is ready to expand their reach to online?

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  • I always heard “The Fortune Is In The Followup.” It seemed like to me I was chasing the wrong people anyway. I needed to learn how to market online and put in place my campaigns on my auto-responder so I could use the power of email and videos to follow up. Still have a lot to learn but very excited for the future.

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