One and 1/4 page sales letter gets $25 million

Who says words don’t matter?

I’m watching a video in which a marketing guy, Bob Serling, reports on a sales letter he created for a customer, who used it, and landed a contract for $25 million with it.

It’s a page and a quarter, and he uses it now for different clients, tweaked to their business. When a prospect wanted it, he sold it to them for $30,000, plus a percent of whatever they took in.

No, I don’t have the letter.

It’s just a reminder about how important the words you use, are, when you’re trying to sell something large or small.

How do you talk to people? Do you “throw up” on them? Do you techno-babble them? Do you encourage them to come to a conclusion themselves, without you having to convince them?

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