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One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter

One of the biggest mistakes online…example Twitter.

“Johnny just joined his new MLM and wants to build a
following on Twitter so he can promote his opportunity to his followers.

“He starts following everyone he can find because many
users will automatically ‘follow back.’

“He follows 10,000 people on Twitter, and has 9,000
people automatically follow him back.

“Do these 9,000 people actually know Johnny and what he does?


“Did they follow him out of a genuine interest in his work?


“Do they have any kind of relationship with him?


“Do they know, like, and trust him?


“They automatically followed him because they are
also seeking to artificially boost their follower count.”

“At the end of the day, all of these people are kidding themselves.
Their Twitter lists are nothing more than an illusion with
zero actual value.

“They’re playing a childish game that does nothing
more than artificially inflate their ego…”

“There is only ONE way to build a real list: Earn your reader’s
attention the old-fashioned say by delivering value.” – Mike Dillard

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