One cannot NOT influence…

“One cannot NOT influence. It is therefore, absurd to ask how influence and manipulation can be avoided, and we are left with the inescapable responsibility of deciding for ourselves how this basic law of human communication may be obeyed in the most humane, ethical, and effective manner.” Dr. Paul Watzlawick – The Language of Change

Paul WatzlawickWhen you decide to be influenced, pause first. Do not let anyone deceive you about what it will take to become skillful enough to help yourself – and others. Embrace the joy of learning.

Do the thing. Get the power. 🙂

Do the same when you attempt to influence others about
the alternative-to-whatever that you have to offer in your business.

When you remember this, you can do good by
becoming a force for good in this world. We need your alternative
in this world.

That’s what Mr. Rogers did.

His ‘alternative type of communication’ was loved by
parents and children across America. Why?

Because Mr Rogers was an alternative to the constant bopping-over-the-head cartoons and men-with-gunfire programs – on all the other ‘children’s’ channels
at that time. (1969-80).

Think different.  Do different. You. Will. Make. A. Difference. 🙂

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