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One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

One lady’s transformation in 14 days…

There’s a gentle lady, an acupuncturist, who used part of her
mortgage money to get into this private program I am running now.

It’s a six month process and we’re in about 14 days. She’s been
pretty much a healer, and a people pleaser for most of her life.

About five days ago, after watching two short videos each day
per an exercise for month one, she writes me this stunning thing…

“Kim I have come to realize I am different, and do not enjoy being like most folks….”

Boom. This is very big. I suggested she write it down and read it
out loud to herself each day to let that sink in…She’s doing that.

Two days later, she texts me about a webmaster she’s been working
with a few years, and showed me his ideas for her new blog. It was
not inspiring.

I suggested some things to her, which she related to her webmaster.

He came back at her complaining about how he could NOT work with
a committee, and anyway who WAS this other person etc. Very disrespectful tone.

Her first reaction, “Well I guess I should explain to him why we need these things…”

Me: Why would you work with anyone who writes to you in such a tone?
She: Hmm. Yes…
Me: Read your statement…

Next day she texted him back and let him know she’d decided not
to go ahead that he was probably right, it wouldn’t work. (Sent me a copy of it)

Webmaster: Oh! Well I didn’t expect THAT!!! Do you really mean that? Bluster bluster.

She: “Kim I’m not gong to respond. No more working with people who treat me that way.

End of story. She’s a new person working from a new set of internal standards.

There are just a few things a person need do, if they do them each day for even
just 7 days, that can bring out a whole other side of them.

Strong. Confident. No settling. Moving forward in great strides.
Drawing a following without even trying (think Forest Gump).

Anyway, that’s what makes teaching the most wonderful thing in the world…
to imagine you have something to do with someone else finding and
treading THEIR path.

PS Here’s a video describing the program just a bit…

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