One technique to prevent premature drop-outs

Have you signed up a recruit with great anticipation, then the person talks to one or two people they know, and next thing you know, they quit the business?

To help prevent this, try the following in the first week after the person buys in (after they’ve been on the product and love it, preferably):

1. Tell the recruit that learning what to say to prospects changes everything. That the words they use will determine whether they’ll be perceived as a blowhard seller type, or someone believable with an honest story to tell.

2. Set up a time to practice doing Cadaver-Calling with the new recruit, together, so you hear them practice their First Date Script on people who are real, local, and free. That assumes you’ve helped them create their First Date Script. At least 15 connects for the new recruit will do to start.

3. Ask the person right off: If your favorite two contacts were to say “No” would you disintegrate? Would you want to quit right then and there? If so, ask them, can we practice what to say first, on people who don’t matter to you as much?

Remember you can’t control when they’ll start talking to people they know. Almost no one wants you or other people to come with them into the home of their family or friends, to sell everyone there. Too much pressure on the relationships. So they usually do it without you. And with disastrous results.

The 3 steps above are one way to change the outcome of those presentations they tend to want to do on their own. And to instill some respect for learning how to do the one thing they’re told to do in every network marketing company:

Talk to people. Talk to people. Talk to people.

Only almost no one knows what to say. Companies don’t teach much, other than seller talk. Promises about what will happen to them, and lots of scientific techno-babble about the products that no consumer understands or cares to understand on that ‘first date.’

You can help change that.

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