The one thing…

What’s the one thing, above ALL else, that will determine
your financial success, your repeat business and referrals,
in your business?

Here it is: Giving value. And added value. Before you
dismiss this…read on.

Giving value

A chiropractor gives adjustments. You get one, your
back feels much better. That’s the value he/she gives.
You pay her. That’s the value you give her. She gets to
keep her business going and growing.

The better they make your achy self feel, the more value
you feel you’ve gotten.

Most chiros charge $50 – 75 per adjustment. And they
usually live or die by the number of adjustments they do.

Giving added value

But. To get more financial success, and repeat business,
a chiro can offer more than adjustments.

At chiro med school they learn about nutrition, weight loss,
and lifestyle habits, etc. So a value add a chiro might offer
their clients:

An eight week nutrition program.

She might let them know that some of the health problems
they’re experiencing might be helped by changing some
eating and drinking habits.

She might develop an eight week health and nutrition
program. And charge $1,500 for it.

SOME of her clients will buy it. Perhaps 10%.

Some folks will discover that changing their eating and
drinking habits are life changing.

They get THAT value added to their lives.

And if the chiro has 20 clients, and two of them sign up
nutrition course per month, that’s an extra $3,000
of added income/mo for the chiro.

And a big added value for her two customers who
changed their health through that program.

People who see the changed person will ask – How did you DO that?!

And guess who gets referrals…

That’s how she can begin to leverage her income
grow it exponentially by adding exponential value to her
customers and receiving value in return – giving more and
receiving income to help grow her business and serve
more people.

Network marketers can do this too…

Rather than just relying on your product sales, how would you
create a big value add option for your own network marketing
customers (or reps/affiliates)? Some questions to help you
get started…

1. What’s the value they’re getting with your basic product?
2. What value added thing could you offer that say, 10% of them
might want? That establishes you as an expert and go-to person
for your customers? (It should not be just buying the bigger
package! They can do that with ANY upline.)
3. Survey your customers and see what problem they’d like
help with, based on products they’ve bought from you.

PS This was inspired by stuff I learned listening to
Russell Brunson.

You know my mantra: Learn something. Teach something. 🙂

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