One tip: big money and sudden recognition.

Learning stuff is fun. But it takes time. And costs money. So many times, we pass. That might be a very expensive error.

I recently decided I needed to learn some new Internet marketing skills, so I signed up for one of the big mucky-muck programs about a week ago. ($2,000, all online.)

I’m spending an hour or two per day listening to audio interviews of some extremely successful marketers. They’ve sold how-to information online with massive success – primarily how to create and market to niche markets. That’s what WE do, right?

At the very end of one of these audios last night, they talked about the importance of JV (Joint Venture) partners – other people who have their own subscribers and who might market your stuff. Provided there is no conflict.

Of course I know about the concept of JV partners. I have been a JV partner to other marketers – I’ve recommended probably three programs in the last 10 years. Not a lot, but enough to know about JV partners to help market good stuff and earn a percent doing so.

Well, today, someone who has a first rate Internet Marketing program I promoted years ago was describing their new program. I’ve known these people for 9 years. They’ve never endorsed anything of mine. I never asked.

But suddenly, during our conversation, it dawned on me: they have a VERY BIG list, close to 100,000. All entrepreneurs, many network marketers. So, I asked – would they consider offering something of mine to their customers – IF THEY LOVED it of course.

They went to the site here and bingo – an hour later they email – they’re going to do a big endorsement mailing to their list, of the “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” book and the “3 Scripts 100 Customers 100 Days CD program combo shown here.

Of course I pay them a percent, but I make some money too. Even if only one percent buys, that’s 750 of those sets. Plus many people will learn of my work who have never heard of it before.

And not only that. One of their top JV partners – a top personal development trainer – well his wife has been a fan of my stuff for years. But I never did anything about it. So my friend offers right then to connect us. Tonight they contacted me to say they want to promote my stuff to their readers. Their list is almost 200,000.

Why am I telling you this?

Because taking the initiative to take a course that costs time and money sometimes kicks something over in your brain. Yesterday I did something I’ve known for years, but just never did (with these folks).

That one reminder about the importance of JV partners will pay for the program probably 15 or 20 times. Because now I have two giant JV partners who will endorse my program, earn a percent for doing so, and I get to market my stuff to people who likely never heard of it before.

And because they’ll be ordering from my site, I’ll be able to add many people to my subscriber list.


Here’s what that means for you.

I’m doing a new course (not $2,000, but $129) starting Feb 20. It’s the new Haystack Telecourse here. As a bonus for coming, you can choose one of my most popular programs offered there. There’s a Little QuickTime slide show of the Haystack program here

What if it works for you the way mine did for me?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim, this is so true. I’d never heard of you until Tim Sales recommended your 3 scripts/100 customers…combo, once I got that and listened, I had to know more about you. Needless to say, I’ve now ordered EVERYTHING you have for sale…I’d say that was a profitable JV…

  • Hi Kim, The Law of Reciprocity is alive and well – I have known that for a while now – in my coaching program at OneCoach John Assaraf teaches us about neuro reconditioning and then we use what we have learned to apply to our business. Abundance follows – not only in the people you meet but the co-operation between them. Not only that the world seems a less lonely place when likeminded people can brain storm and be a support system to each other. As we all go about putting our vibration into the universe it comes back in so many other ways that you cannot measure what you spent on the course in just dollars and cents. The only problem with all this is that there are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, etc. etc. etc. Juliette Gray

  • Nice going Kim!

    Looking forward to you getting more out of MC! And of course to your Haystack class!!!

    Doing business is all about relationships: with leads > prospects > customers and/or partners, and with other partners on a JV basis. People come and anyway, with proper JV strategies I believe we can a bit influence the stream of those movements.

    And relationships are working good when done with intergity, respect, perspective, responsability. Thats valid for business as with family and other social contacts.

    You earn what you saw, and good grain on a good soil treated well will grow and prosper through the simple law of nature! Good work yealds to good results. Smart work leads to optimal results. No work results leads nowhere.

    Sometimes we forget that we are part of nature … just so simple and complex at once.

    Sebastian Wschiansky
    Your Swiss Fan

  • Congratulations, Ms. Stud !

    Reaching out to 300,000 semi-qualified customers in a week is pretty serious prospecting leverage.

    Way to go. My favorite book says, “You have not because you ask not.”

    You proved its truth……you asked and look what you got.

    Can I have your autograph?
    Tom Doiron

  • Everyone can promote this way starting where they are in their career.

    It may not be huge at first, but maybe I have “moo juice” and you have “makeup”…. totally unrelated products.

    As long as you aren’t carrying similar lines….both skin care, you can promote each other’s products, websites, etc.

    Retail does this all the time. “We don’t carry that, but you can find it at X store”

    Brenda Bunney

  • Hi Kim

    I think the years of you being No hype has been a factor in you never doing JV. Now you know to just ask.

    I’m glad you are taking the time and money to learn. It has already helped and we are so happy for you.

    After reading this post I wanted to share what we are doing for our team blog. Granted we don’t have a huge list yet but we do have loyal readers. I seek people out with non-compete products and I write about them on our team blog. I’ve done a natural skin post and breast cancer home check kit. I don’t know if either of these people have had lookers or customers but I feel good helping them.

    We are gald our trainer is going for new training. I know you will pass what you learn on to us so we all benefit.


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