One Tip To Get Them To Talk You Up

When you invite someone to a demo of your product, what’s in their mind? Why do they think you are inviting them over?

What’s going on in her brain…

“Lulu’s going to do a product
presentation, and then, I’ll be put on the spot
to buy. I might not want to, but I hate saying ‘no’ too.

So I won’t go.  I have other things to do, anyway.”

“I don’t like to say no” is common mindset in the USA,
especially among women. When she values friendships
and the feelings of others, how else can she feel?

It just doesn’t feel good to say no.

Two things you can do make sure that feeling doesn’t make your
guests do a no-show…

1) make that demo seem way more valuable to her and
2) make it clear to whomever you invite that you enjoy
doing this because it’s who you are,
and, that you are inviting her “IN CASE SHE KNOWS

(NOT to get her opinion, which borders on scammy because
we all know it’s not the real reason.)


Lulu has a product that has helped her sleep,
without drugs or anything else toxic.

Her market: Folks who have trouble
sleeping (or someone in the family) and, they want a
non-drug sleep alternative.

So, instead of just featuring her product (or company) in her event
and the announcement (flyer, email, etc.) , she put out
something like this:

“9 Ways to sleep better at night without
drugs or other toxic stuff.”
Healthy munchies, demo.
Bring sleepless friends.

What are these 9 ways, you ask?  Well, Lulu started with a Google search.
She entered: sleep without drugs.  (Try other options.)

This result came up second,  “10 Tips for a Good Night’s
Sleep Without Pills.”
  Other sources for similar tips
listed include Mayo Clinic, Wikipedia, slews
of health and sleep research organizations…

What you can do:

Summarize a set of them and present in a fun and easy to
hand-out way.Include the references.  You can put a
reference about your product atthe very end, in
an unobtrusive manner.

This hand-out and related discussion led by you, demonstrates
that you KNOW about sleeping better without drugs or toxic pills.

Then, at the end, you can let folks know that in addition to these tips,
you’ve found a sleep product you like so much you decided to market it.

And, if they know anyone who’s looking for something like that,
can they let you know? Do not mention the name of the product or the
name of the company.  That’s all techno-babble to those outside
your company. If you can keep your lips buttoned about that…chances
are excellent someone will pipe up, “What is it?”


Meanwhile, give the handouts to everyone for having come.

I promise you, word will spread of your unusually helpful and giving

PS. Obviously, no need to bring up the business at all, since no one came
for that reason.  Bait and switch has burned many friendships.
You can have a separate gig for that at another time.

PPS To see the Helper-Healer webinar we just did, where we teach
strategies like this in detail, click here.


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Kim Klaver


  • So brilliant! I would come and be happy to send others your way. I think for this mindset to work most people would benefit from reading your Orange book, If My Product’s so Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It…. and then join the Helper Healer training or do both at same time 🙂
    ~ Namaste ♥☮

  • Simple and so true! Would look forward to this kind of presentation unlike the usual obligation-filled “party.” Easy to see how it could open up a dialogue of other helpful health tips since so many of us are finding ourselves in similar age-related situations. And if someone is interested in the business side of a product, I find it more effective if they do the asking in their own time. They know the opportunity is there and I can usually tell when there is an interest. It’s easy to give them an opening to ask instead of bombarding the entire group, most of whom are there just to support your efforts and maybe learn something new. Still love your Orange book, Kim, and find jewels in it everytime I pick it up. You are a generous soul.

  • Kim,

    I found your blog on the top 100 MLM blogs. I found your post very helpful and something that I can definitely use.


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