One way to make friends and influence people…

Happy to report three stories from members of Network Marketing Central (NMC) just this week…Links go to their NMC profiles with pictures and stories…

1. Michelle writes in…
Thanks to being featured as an NMC Idol, I signed up 4 reps in my ItWorks Body Wrap business and have several more great prospective distributors and customer looking at it. I also have 1 person interested in becoming a travel agent and 2 new travel customers. I also have 2 people seriously interested in signing up for the SendOutCards business to use a marketing tool for their other businesses.

I am especially excited that I met some great people to refer business to that provide products I don’t have in my business portfolio. For example, Ann markets healthy pet food and I only sell pet supplements. But I get calls all the time from my yellow pages ad for healthy pet food. Now I have someone great to refer them to….I love being part of the Network Marketing Central community and I am grateful to Kim for making it a great place for networkers to network.” Michelle

2. Robin writes in…
Kim I wanted to take a minute to thank you for making such a positive change in my business. ..After being one of the NMC Idols I became friends with 6 new people. I found friends in Texas which is special to me because I’m a Native Texan (you can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the girl.) My friend Carole did a sketch of my dear old dog Tara. (See drawing below.) I might have eventually connected with my new friends but being on the call let them see I was a real person.

And right after the feature call I got 4 new customers right away and several more people interested in using the products at some point. My mail box had 15 messages, some from callers not registered on NMC showing support and wanting information about my company or products. When I checked my stats for that day, I had 52 profile views. Not bad for a 15- minute interview, 52 profile views, 4 new customers, 6 new friends all because I was on stage sharing my personal story.

Thank you, Kim, Vicki and Rani and the NMC community.

3. Carole writes in…
Last week when I was featured on the NMC Wednesday night Idol call I felt honored…I’m not usually one to be the speaker, but I have to say I did enjoy it. Especially when I found other guests with some of the same hobbies. It seems I have a lot of attributes that others also have…few of these Idol calls as a listener and always have enjoyed hearing of talented people and their interesting businesses, some of which I’ve never heard of before…

Five people emailed me and I gained a Friend,- a great NMC feature…Two people will be customers. I certainly can’t complain about that, can I? I pencil-sketched a picture for my NMC Friend Robin

Here’s Carole’s sketch of Robin’s dog. Talented, huh? You have some talents others might like to know about?

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim

    I wanted to take a minute and send my congratulations to Michelle and Carole. I was on the calls when both ladies were guests. I’m so happy they enjoyed being Idol for the night and found people looking for their products and service.

    I’ll be on the calls every week to hear these great stories and learn what others are doing.

    Like Carole said, the friends feature is a great way to keep in touch. Carole and I have a pretty steady stream of messages and I love it.

    Happy Sunday
    Robin and the fur gang
    Tara is on the web Thanks Carole

  • I’m so grateful for NMC,new school
    of network marketing.Just a few
    short years ago you would have
    never had people from different
    MLM companies sharing information
    and products/services with each
    other.G-d has blessed this world
    with abundance beyond what we
    probably don’t even know about.
    Those of us who work our business
    consistently and really try to
    help other people design a new
    lifestyle for themselves will be
    rewarded.I have seen people start
    off in their business and not
    really do anything the first 6-12
    months and then see these same
    people go straight to the top in
    their respective companies because
    they finally understood this is a
    people helping people business,
    instead of being a shallow
    Thanks Kim for being a wise set of
    eyes for the people who really
    want to SEE this industry take on
    Platinum Status.


  • Kim it’s Robin again. Just wanted to let you know when I click on Carole’s name above Tara’s picture it goes to my profile instead of hers.

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