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Overcoming Obstacle #1 – ME

overcoming yourself

For whom is this #1 obstacle to their NM success?

“Not knowing where to st
art ~ build a website? social media? funnels? time energy and $ spent with little return. Am I worth investing more to learn more?” – Linda Land

If this is how you feel… Who here would get the “me” under control if you had:

  1. A clear path
  2. That would require 70 minutes per day…
  3. That you would do for the next 45 days
  4. That would require you to invest likely $500 in tools…
  5. And you’d not see income probably until AFTER the 45 days (from customers or reps/partners)

And you would NOT be putting cheap flyers on car windshields or approaching everyone you see willy nilly…

You WOULD learn to MARKET – create demand for you and what you offer. So right ones come to you…

Who’d line up for such a “Overcoming myself” class with me?

PS This is for someone who BELIEVES in the NM model, like I do. But who knows they’re not doing it right, or don’t know where to start.

PS “Not doing it right” is often using the wrong words. Here’s 41 minutes of RIGHT words to use, that get others to engage each time

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