"People don’t want to be sold, they…

…want to buy.”

Is that true for you? Would you rather buy than be sold?

Are you going for the sale too soon? Thereby not giving them the opportunity to ponder – and then buy?

Here’s a way to tell. When you meet someone or talk about your product, if you ask for the sale or push a sample on them that first time, you are not letting them buy. You are selling too soon.

This is not a box of Tide.

There’s no instant gratification in direct sales when you’re 1) selling a product that requires demonstration or explanation and 2) when you don’t have credibility yet.

Starting today, what is something you could do to make Lulu want to buy your product from you? Remember nagging her to buy doesn’t count. That’s the very kind of selling we all love to hate.

I have a little video on this topic coming for customer-driven folks who’re on the special Customer Enchilada Priority Notification list here.

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  • John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing reminds us to COMPEL, never SELL.

    If we delivery a product/service that has the right value for our customer (it offers a real solution to a real need) and you do it in a way that demonstrates the customer can trust you (pre-compel), then the consumer is not feeling “pressure” or “guilt” into buying, they are COMPELLED to get it right away!

  • Starting today, what is something you could do to make Lulu want to buy your product from you?

    Maybe Lulu mentioned night sweats, I tell her I’m in marketing, and I’m working on a report for women who want to get rid of night sweats, because I used to have them. Would she like to be notified when it comes out?

    I’m kind of cheating because I’m on the Customer Enchilada special. I’ve done this exercise already! I don’t know if I’m on the right track so feel free to let me know.

    Robin’s blog

  • Robin – you are totally on the right track.

    And you might add the approach of the report – that it’s especially for people looking for more natural, non-drug type approaches to solving it. Like what happened to you.

    That creates one more level of interest and anticipation – if she’s someone tuned into natural approach to health or interested in that. And those not will pass.


  • First, I would talk to Lulu to determine if I have something to help her with her problem and if she is interested enough to do something about it.

    Lulu’s Problem “She needs an extra paycheck” I have a solution…..but is Lulu’s problem big enough for her to do something about it? Up to her….

    I might tell her I have some free information on making an extra stream of income.

    I would share the information, get back with her, and see if I had something to help her.


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