People you know: wrong approach?

We’ve all heard it – make a list of people you know…then call them to get an appointment for that three-way or get together.

But. Is that your best list when you’re starting out? 

Here’s another, smaller list: People who know you.

If you start with a select few of those, you’ll have credibility and trust right out of the gate.  They know you, what you stand for, what your values are.  They know your favorite ice cream and remember the name of your first boyfriend when you were 13.

You cannot get that kind of trust and kindly attitude from people you ‘know’ – because many of them will not ‘know’ you.

So try select folks on your ‘people who know me’ list – and see what happens when you contact some of them. They might help you or refer someone…

Side benefit. Often, the people you know less well but who have the social or financial connections you want to tap into, will more likely refer you if you’ve already built up a little business. Because that makes you more credible. And it also becomes less risky for them to refer you to their contacts.

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