"Please ignore all those naysayers who have lambasted you…"

Readers: I’ve wanted to explain and this note today was the perfect catalyst.

“Hi Kim,
How much is the ER Detox for auditors? I’m so thrilled with this program, I could just dance a jig! For all those naysayers who have lambasted you for promoting your stuff…please ignore them and remember all of us who have seen dramatic results on the ER Fat Burn program, which we would not have heard about if not for you.

“I’m sure you already do know this, but just in case you ever get down…we’re all happy little campers running around feeling better. Thanks for all you do. 🙂 -Sandi Pearce

Yep, I got lambasted alright – both for getting back into the field and for letting you know about my friend Dr. Heidi’s Extreme Regime weight loss program (no pills or exercise required). I am marketing that 1000%.

I am not sorry. But I do want to explain.

I’ve often posted here that you have the best chance of success if you start your business with something you love. And something where you can observe the changes the lives of those who come into contact with it. It’s the only way to ensure you’ll stick with it long enough to have a chance to make it. AND it’s satisfying. So that’s what I’m doing with most of my time.

I believe I can do more lasting good surprising people with the wonders of real food than anything else I have done. Everyone who learns how to eat real food comes out better for it.

The business model for this nutrition professor’s weight program does not depend on any fine print, or on keeping people’s awareness levels low. It’s just a guided, informed compassionate eating program. Food’s better than you think if you know what’s real and where to find it.

I cannot say that the NM business, the way it’s practiced by most recruiters, is either compassionate or straight forward. The difficulties are hidden until a person signs up. Then suddenly, the new recruit is accused of not being committed, not spending the time and money on the leads, conventions, and other programs the upline offer.

Then they come to me wondering what’s wrong with them. Mostly women as they comprise 80% of the industry.

The folks who really want to build a customer base are ridiculed by the recruiters, and eventually just quit. Self-esteem down the drain.

So I am spending my time doing things that give me the most lasting satisfaction. I market something and someone I can believe in. And the lives she’s changing, one at a time, are all the inspiration I need to promote it. Plus I live it. From that happiness I create my little animations, even on You Tube, plus audios and other fun stuff…

I’m using every principle I have taught here all these years to do the marketing for this. There’s no secret. I’m just building a powerful and committed customer base who can’t stop talking about what just happened to them.

I encourage you to find what you love too. Do what you love and forget everything and everyone else. Your little tribe will bring you joy and success much more than any empty promises of quick riches by someone who needs your sign-up money and then disappears. Read: Find a company where you and your group are on the same page about what matters. Where you want to belong to that group and make a difference doing the things that matter to you.

If you want to follow my work in my new venture, email me here.

Dr. Heidi is doing an intro call to her October Detox/Cleanse program this WED night, and if you want the info, email me here and put in subject: Detox Info call.

Stories from members of the new ER tribe we’re growing are here, here, here and here. (Blog has more here and you can sign up for updates there.)

I will post from time to time because I love my readers. Just not as much posting as before.

The market for something to believe in is infinite. Create one or join one.

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Kim Klaver


  • I could just HUG you for this post!

    It IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! I’m so glad you’ve stood strong in what you value. You are modeling it to your readership. Misery sucks (old NM pukers) and I love that you’re loving the real food and ER stuff. You are marketing what turns you on… and you’ve made it ‘sexy’…Vic

  • Dear Kim,

    I believe you metioned that no one is 100% transparent in their honesty…

    I just spent an hour reading some of the threads that believe you crossed some ethical line. Makes me laugh because God knows MLM is just so full of ethics.

    Had you not made public your involvement with WFN, you probably would have been assinated, not just lambasted.

    Robin spoke up and pointed out that WFN is an affiliate model, not MLM. It got a little attention.

    I am glad you found something to be passionate about. It is enviable.

    For a better perspective, I linked back to the websites of some of your stronger critics. I was familiar with the company or at least the product type of most. I could not convince myself that any of your critics were promoting their deal for any other reason than money.

    Through the years I have seen great story tellers jump ship more often because of compensation plan weaknesses, not product deficiencies.

    So I conclude that they are all just jealous, Kim.

    I am glad you have the character to stand for what you believe. For me it has been one of your most magnetic qualities down through the years I have know of you.

    Viva WFN,

    Tom Doiron

  • As I’ve said before, ‘There’s too many halfwits (and that’s overstating their worth) in this business. If they don’t like what’s on offer, they’re free to **** off elsewhere and find or do stuff which does please them. Instead they bitch and whine. Screw ’em!’

    You’ve always given good value, and that should be remembered.

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