Practice? What practice?

Thursday is New School/Old School.

Old: It’s easy, just talk to people. New: Practice practice practice.

practice4Who hasn’t heard that NM is easy, just talk to people and you’ll get rich?

Anyone who has discovered that this pitch is a ruse needs to start over, with a new approach: to get really good at something, you gotta practice practice practice.

It helps most if you love the thing you are practicing, so you will practice with a determined and excited heart. Think Michael Jordan who was best, AND practiced more than all the rest.

Most networkers have been misled by how “easy” this is, and quit. But some don’t.

“I think I have been subconsciously putting obstacles in my way because I have a feeling that when I do get customers or business builders, I won’t know what to do with them, so I just don’t get started.

The New School class I think will benefit me the most is #11.Role of Practice in Business Success.

I think the live cadaver calling and buddy calling will help keep me accountable so I can practice and gain confidence. The Follow Up Scripts class ran a close second, but I realized that I need to actually get started asking for customers before I follow up with them…”


Tidbits here contestant Roxanne Green. She won herself the 5 CD program “3 Scripts: 100 customers 100 Days ($99) plus a 50%-off ticket to the New School of Network Marketing Whole Enchilada ($439.50 the Whole Enchilada is $879).

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  • Congratulations Roxanne.I too am looking forward to the Live Cadaver calls and the Buddy calling. so much Fun and learning and best of all PRACTICING and more PRACTICING!

  • Roxanne, Congratulations!!!
    Thanks for your sharing of your feelings, choices, etc. Yours finds space in us too…

  • In his “Professional Inviter” CD set, Tim Sales talks in-depth about practicing. He would practice his inviting scripts in front of a stuffed animal until he felt he had mastered them. Following that advice, I practice my scripts when I’m driving to work, and it has made a HUGE difference.

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