That’s a new, screaming email header announcing a new network marketing company. Thanks, Peggy. Here’s from that email – mass-mailed:

“This is the company you have been waiting for!

“XYZ is an amazing opportunity with the most powerful compensation plan in the industry.

“A Billionaire Investor and Entrepreneur team up with one of the most popular and powerful celebrity Doctors to launch.”

Have you been sitting around waiting for this new company?

“Most powerful comp plan”? Really? According to whom?

How will a “billionaire investor” owner (or a “celebrity Doctor”) help you make one dime? Is anyone but you responsible for your success in your business?

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Kim Klaver


  • A Celebrity Doctor, a Billionaire Investor, even a Master Herbalist(unless they’re in our customer base)won’t help… but I can be sucessful by being trustworthy, authentic, and by having a good story… like you taught us. I learned alot on tonights call… thanks Kim here’s what I applied for success:

    “I market a product for men who have a “Body Breaking Job” like my husband does. He’s been in construction 35 years hanging drywall. He was looking for something to maintain his body and something that would give him sustained energy to be able to put in a hard days work…”

  • This new business is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

    And in the mail today, I found out I’ve won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

    And I’ve also won the Arkansas state lottery – and they don’t even have a lottery!

    With all of this money I now have, I’m going where all winners go – to Disney World!

  • I must be on everyone’s list because I get so many of these now that I don’t even read them anymore. I hit “delete” the minute I see the headlines (and they are all the same).

    I can’t imagine that anyone would believe you can make a million dollars in your first 30 days of business, much less be interested in a company that uses spam to announce their opportunity.

    And I can’t imagine signing up with some anonymous person I know nothing about. Many of them do not even include any contact information so you don’t know who they are or where they are located. They send you to a website to fill out a form with your information. Not a chance! But obviously, it must work, or they wouldn’t be doing it.

    What a contrast to what we have here at NMC! We have detailed profiles about our products and ourselves so that someone who is looking for an opportunity can shop around for the right products and the right sponsor.

    So if you are looking for a great opportunity, hit the “delete” button on that spam email promising you a million dollars in 30 minutes and come to NMC to meet real people with real opportunities!

    Follow Your Passion,
    Michelle Sanchez
    Network Marketing Success Coach
    Heart~2~Heart Coaching

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
    committed people can change the world; indeed, it
    is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Meade

  • No way. I’m waiting for the opportunity with the pre pre prelaunch. It’s already gone if it’s only the pre prelaunch. Anybody knows that.

  • Nutrition has done more to negate MLM than any other product. It is unfortunate, but many MLM products are superior.

    Not only is the comeon the same but all nutritionals work synergistically on the cellar level. It is true that Baby Bomers want to live longer and Nutrition is the next trillion dollar industry but I find that most baby boomers have been health-conscious all their lives and already have products they use. Park outside a health-food store or club and watch who goes in and out.

  • I’ve tried it, and it’s great! Goes along perfectly with my other top recommendations in creating residual income SUCCESS! No billionaire or world famous Dr. IS going to build our business, but it sure makes it easier to share with that kind of backing!

    Love, Live Abundantly!
    Carrie Gebbie, MS
    Together in Success!

  • It appears that the New company forgot to pay Kim’s power bill! Love your work Kim, but your rant comes across alittle harsh. What happen to allowing people to make a decision on their own prior to experts in this industry knocking down another start-up before it even launches. I’m being held back in my MLM due to a Self-Proclaimed MLM expert that has squashed everyones vision, due to the fact he didn’t come up with it first. Yet, he is allowed to sell out events in Orlando and around the country. But good luck if you or I were to try and get that same kind of support from the company. To these new companies, we welcome you. If you, the old veterans or rookies out there can not read between the lines in some of this email garbage that goes out, maybe you should go back to doing a traditonal M-F 9-5 job.

    Burne Hill
    Zrii Independent Rep

  • Burne:

    I purposely did not mention the name of the company. But since you did, yes, it’s your company, some of whose reps are generating all this spam – spam whose content gives us all in NM the appearance of being big screamers who make ridiculous promises.

    I posed three questions anyone should answer before they blindly jump in, since we know most people drop out when they come in hoping for something easy.

    Good to have someone with money at the top, yes, and good to have a known celebrity doctor who helped create the product and is part of the deal.

    But there are much more interesting and effective ways to position those assets – more effective than all the screaming promises this email makes, which is being sent to tens of thousands of people who never asked for it – SPAM.

    That’s my gripe with it. Did I rant?

    Sounds like the email is ranting to me. I just asked a few questions.

    Someone should write an email that appeals to people who appreciate the assets they bring to the table, not pretend it’s the best for everyone out here.


  • The article sounds like a phone call I received the other day. The guy said he found me on the internet, which is a good thing meaning that someone can find me if they’re looking for my product/company. But what bothers me is he called me and tried to get me to leave my deal and go to this new deal. He had nothing but hype, I felt like I had slime running down my neck from all the hype this dude was slingin’.
    And the kicker is, he said he just started networking 8 months ago, and this was the next BILLION dollar giant, and I was CRAZY if I didn’t get in it now, and I would remember the day I heard of this company, and REGRET that I didn’t join HIM!

    I was honestly appalled by his approach, on the verge of embarrassed for the entire industry. It’s no wonder the rest of us get thrown under the bus with people that work like this.

  • Kim asked: Is anyone but you responsible for your success in your business?

    Such a great question. My answer is no. Even if you join an mlm company and have a great upline who has put tools in place to help you learn the business and how to market, it is still up to the individual to take the action that leads to success.

    What I think confounds so many would-be mlm successes is they think they are doing the right things. What I mean is, they feel if they just do what they are told, that is all that is required of them.

    In my opinion, at least here in the U.S., the biggest reason for this belief is our public school system. We are taught from a very young age that an outside authority knows better than we do, what we should be doing/thinking.

    So people are constantly not only looking for someone to lead them, (read golden opportunity if you are willing and able to become a competent leader) but also someone to blame if they fail.

    So it doesn’t really surprise me that people do indeed respond to these sort of messages…

    PS I know the vast majority of teachers are some of the most wonderful, caring people on the planet. It is the system they are forced to work within that I am criticizing.

    Tracy Austin
    About me
    Organic Foods Mom
    MLM Work At Home Blog
    Yahoo! IM: tracyaustin30

  • FIVE Keys to Success in Network Marketing.

    Is it possible to earn more than you spend in a network marketing company?

    May I suggest that you would put a sign on your desk or fridge –
    “Income must exceed Outgo”

    Your income will only exceed what you spend when you have the 5 pillars required for your success. I know that was a strong statement.

    What are the 5 pillars you must have?

    1. Company management must have had field experience with ntegrity.
    There are some questions you should ask before joining any company.

    Has the CEO and President ever built a business in the field?
    Have they recruited and sponsored people personally?

    You could search out the principals of the company on google to find out more about who these people are and what they have accomplished.

    You should read the companies policies and procedures – before signing any paper work. Look for terminology such as “may terminate our relationship with you at any time and without cause” or “termination will result in loss of all benefits”. Likewise, “ongoing performance, continue to be active”. These are red flags of uncertainty.

    If you cannot easily find the policies and procedures, move on, this company is not the one you want to be associated with.

    2. Timing in the Company and Timing in the industry.
    How long has the company been in business? A company that is in pre-launch is NOT a good choice. Why? Because 99% of all start-up companies fail within 2 years. Do you want to put two years of your life into a company that will evaporate within two years?

    Is this the right time for the products the company is promoting? Are there customers ready to purchase the products offered? Are you going to be attempting to market a “me-too” product that is higher priced that other “me-too” products?

    3. Products must be remarkable, unique and with some distinction. Another “me-too’ product will be very difficult to sell. What makes this companies product unique?
    Are the products affordable and priced so that the average person will purchase them?

    The life-blood of a company is the retailing of consumable products!

    4. Compensation Plan must pay part time people well. You need to recognize that 94% of your team will be part time. The average person will only sponsor 2.3 people.

    Therefore, ask the question. How many people will I need in my Total organization to generate $500 a month income? How many people will I need in my total organization to generate $10,000 a month income.

    You need to know these numbers before joining any company.

    When you apply for a job at Walmart, the H.R. department does not simply say, “We will pay you very well.” You would know exactly what to do to earn xx dollars.

    It is also predictable in a good solid network marketing company.

    5. Mentoring,Coaching and Training. What will your team members provide for your success? What resources are provided outside of the company?

    There should be systems in place – without additional cost to you! Your sponsor and upline members are earning an income from your product sales, therefore, there should be commitment from them to help you succeed, without added fees.

    Professional Network Marketer

    Walter Seward


  • Hey Kim,
    I hear you,you have a valid point.I am an Independent Executive with Zrii(the company) Our product is Amalaki Juice.The Chopra Center for wellbeing endorses this product and has there stamp on every bottle.That counts for something.I am promoting the business because they have A stable with over 100 year’s of network marketing experience,A product endorsed by the Chopra Center,A founder who has a proven track record and who put up $200 million in start-up money,We are at the very beginning,it doesn’t get better then that,Most of all, We have a Team with a duplicable Marketing System that is state of the art(Hint: no more pestering your familly and friends) having said all of that,while there is no guarantee I think it is worth a shot.No Risk—No Gain
    Zrii you at the top,
    Marty Bromberg

  • Q. My friend forwarded this information to me. Since, you are the renown MLM guru, I would like to know what impressions you get from this message.

    A. Yep.. BAD news for distributors. The BILLIONAIRE/OWNERS will make mega bucks.. the naive distributors will take a beating… pulled in my the BIG name(s) and the fancy PR spin.

    The spin buzz is that YOU can have Oprah – yes OPRAH – in your downline. EVERYONE will want to join once the BIG NAME gets in. Ha. Yeah… believe that — and you too can buy the Brooklyn Bridge for $1.

    Note it is the CHOPRA CENTER and not necessarily Depak himself. The connection has yet to be revealed. Lawyers can pull off some pretty slick – and pretty shoddy – deals when the rights to a celebrity name are on the auction block.

    Payouts are 2-4%. Pitiful.

    Plus BIG leg requirements…. so most distributors will only qualify for a pittance – if that.

    (That’s called BREAKAGE, Folks. BREAKAGE as in YOU don’t qualify. Too bad! Guess WE’ll have to keep all the money, Sucker.)

    A LOT of people will get SUCKED into the vortex of the spin.

    Big PR Buzz being manufactured. And the gullible are passing it on. Some kind of an addicting epedemic.


    We encourage people to learn the ropes of MLM BEFORE they spend years of their life pursuing a “dream” that often becomes a nightmare.

    People will be manipulated into thinking they are doing something wonderful for the planet and for people. Ha 🙁

    Free training program explains the FACTS of MLM business life.
    Most of the facts are pretty grim and ugly for the distributors.

    Too bad most people don’t want to know. Denial is huge. People LIKE getting caught up in the illusions. Very fascinating process.

    Must be FUN thinking you are in the aura of a BIG NAME. Guess that is what fan clubs are all about. GOSH! I SAW HIM! OH, he LOOKED at me.

    Where people will learn ALL the traps for the unwary and unsuspecting.
    And learn to identify a good opportunity for the DISTRIBUTORS.

    AND learn the skills to build a successful check for themselves and a GOOD company – GOOD for the distributors.

    Creating a successful check for yourself as a distributor is a FAR CRY from building up a lot of sales for a COMPANY that keeps EXORBITANT amounts of the sales income for themselves and gives peanuts or less to the distributors.

    Thanks for asking.

    We do like to spare people from the brutal grinding wheel out there in the name of MLM – fleecing the unwary and unsuspecting.

    IF they want to listen.

    By the way, you know the CORPORATIONS exist to make money for the SHAREHOLDERS. NOT for the distributors. Just ask all those ex and poor Usana distributors who got their checks – and some of them too – AXED so the stockholder payments would go UP.

    PS: You can buy online the classic Ayurvedic preparation – Dabur Chyawanprash – for a SMALL amount of money. I think I paid $8 for a LARGE container that lasts several months.

    Has the magic amla berries that are supposed to be the big selling point in this new concoction.

    So WHO is going to make all that money by ripping off Ayurveda, and using the name of the Goddess Lakshmi of Abundance – Shree – and charging $40 or so US for a few cheap berries diluted in water?

    Believe, the billionaires will become gazillionaires at the expense of the gullible and naive recruits.

  • Kim, You are the BOMB!!!

    Once again, Thank you for your vision and integrity on this….I felt the same way when I read this.

    Do you know what I find most interesting? the pre-launch website asks people to view the Compliance issues……..and they ask that people NOT promote the friends of Bill Farley, and yet the emails I’ve seen, exploit Bill Farley’s friends….Michael Jordan, Oprah, etc. (and break compliance)

    I wonder if they will stand by their compliance, and let these people in their company????

    Since I’ve been in this industry for 30 years, I understand the fact that we live in a world of “I WANT IT YESTERDAY”….and the maturity factor of or industry teaches us that it’s not just about “getting there”, it’s about “staying there”…there is no magic bullet, “get rich quick” formula. People either “get it” or “get out”…

    Thanks for continuing to be the authentic watch dog!
    Donna Johnson, #1 producer, Arbonne Int’l.

  • I am responsible for building my business, not some celebrity. I am responsible for making sure I’m in a company that will be there for the long haul.

    The worst part about this pre-launch, pre-launch is that the company has not even put out their policies & procedures yet, but the reps who were suckered in based on big names agreed to them when they signed up. They don’t even get to know what they are agreeing to.

    People heard a big name and JUMPED with both feet. Crazy. If you were buying a house, would you sign the contract without reading it? Not many of us would.

    But, based on hype and fear of loss, many have signed a contract that they haven’t even been able to read yet. It’s not their fault – they don’t know any better. Most people just agree and move on. These people just need to get educated.

    Roxanne Green
    Find out how to read your contract

  • Wow! This one has created some excitement and that is always fun. I’m afraid the days of ridiculous hype will probably never end.

    Almost 8 years ago, I cashed in my “old school” method of network marketing and opted for new school instead. It just “fits” better for me.

    I recently returned from my company convention and took my husband and family with me for the first time.

    This is his first Network Marketing convention in 10 years and he was a little hesitant.

    Why? Well, because he was used to “old school” network marketing. Ranters and ravers on stages “Selling the Dream,” asking you to “pay the price” and making wild claims and on and on.

    He knows that I practice new school because he listens to me on the phone, sees my emails, listens to my team training calls, etc.

    He had a good time, but he did admit that a few times he crossed paths with some old school’ers and it brought up all of the old angst, about the industry.

    I’ve built to the top of a pay plan and into the top 1/10th of 1% of all network marketers. I share this not to “toot my horn” but to let you know it’s been done without ever making a promise, other than to offer support, coaching and training; without flashing a paycheck; and without using any of the words on the “forbidden verbiage page” of the new school Network Marketers.

    And, it is so much BETTER and ultimately easier this way.

    Anyone else can do this too! Hype and spam will never get one anywhere, or at least not keep one there for long.

    Here is a comment I found particularly interesting above –

    “We are at the very beginning,it doesn’t get better then that”

    Funny, most company statistics will tell you that top income earners come in after the 7th or 8th year a company is in business. Most people won’t stick around in the beginning to work through the growing pains.

    There is NO perfect time to get started in a network marketing business then when it is right for YOU!

    To say that there is no better time to get into a company than at the beginning is just more hype.

    I haven’t even heard of this company, so it’s nothing personal, but I sure hope, in their own best interest, they tighten things up before launch!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Street Smart Wealth Group, Building Dreams Online!

  • It’s truly unbelievable that people would be attracted to a company like this with such blatantly drivelous hype. I received the same spam, and I just read it while scratching my head.

    How can anybody expect to teach their downline something duplicatable when they are using techniques that some of the most successful MLM distributors would never use in a million years? Spamming is not something that is, or should ever be, duplicatable. Think about it! Would you want to teach your downline how to spam an overused genealogy list in the hopes that even 1 or 2 will reply to your hype-filled junk?

    That’s definitely not something that I would want to be known for.

    Not to mention that it is also highly frowned-upon in most companies to spam. Most companies will fire you — sight unseen — if you spam-blast, fax-blast or phone-blast anybody to advertise that company’s products or service. Then they will sometimes go after you for damages — financial or otherwise. Most MLM companies don’t want their names smeared by an over-zealous spammer.


  • You can’t blame the company for what the independent business rep did. It is probably just as embarrassing to them as it is to the network marketing industry as a whole. On another note. Every new business starts at the same point. At the beginning. It is a risk to join a company in it’s first few years, however, if everyone felt that way no network marketing company would be in business today. They would either close their doors or have gone to another form of distribution model.

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