Ready to open your own hot button customer club?

If you’re one of the many who’s not having much success recruiting in our business, but you love your product and the business, console yourself with this:

Of any average 100 people in the Western world, how many do you think want to do ANY kind of 100% commission sales (real estate, stocks, insurance, network marketing, etc.)? Either part time or as a career? (100% commission sales is where you only get paid IF you make a sale.)

They say 1-3 at most. You can ask people you know to validate that for yourself. Not many to choose from, hmm?

And you might guess they have many people chasing them. In all kinds of businesses, not just ours.

But, of those same 100 people, how many buy stuff and are consumers of products and services?

And of the latter 100%, we can probably say that 1 in 10 of those, or 10 of the 100, might already be a member of your hot button club – that is, they have an attitude similar to yours as it relates to your product story. They prefer alternatives to drugs, say. It’s like finding other people who play tennis – you know instead of golf – if you’re a tennis player. Or finding others who recycle or like organic.

What if you reframe you job as building and growing your hot button customer club? Asking for people lilke you to begin with? Those who have a world view, attitude, or hot button, that is similar to yours where your product story is concerned?

Wouldn’t that give you more confidence and less stress when approaching people? Like, “Do you know anyone who might like to play tennis?”

If so, there’s a member of your hot button club. For your tennis hot button. Now do that with your product story.

Can you?

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