Real customers don’t defect…

One interesting thing about the network marketing business…

You often hear of recruiters defecting – leaving in a group and going to another company, like a group who left BodyWise to go to Pharmanex a couple of years ago. It happens all the time in our business.

When a company crashes, like Excel did, different top recruiter groups stick together to go to different places. In Excel’s case, one group went to Shaklee, another to ACN, and a few others elsewhere.

However, the customers don’t get together and defect. They keep right on being customers even when the recruiter groups leave.

Have you noticed that?

Yet all are focused on finding recruiters.

Isn’t that odd?

Easy come, easy go.

P.S. For most companies, over 95% of their steady income comes from people ordering the product. That would be customers, including many who started out hoping to make extra income, but who ended up as just a customer.

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Kim Klaver


  • Your comments are right on target Kim. I witnessed the pillage of the Phamanex raiders when they left Body Wise, they raided my group with a vengeance. The amazing thing was that the customers stayed and even some of the defectors still buy products. They call people they think won’t recognize their name and order products, that makes me smile.
    As the top income earner in Body Wise, I currently have 10,000 customers on the books and of course I didn’t sponsor them all, it takes a team of people. A lot of them are the legacy that remains after distributors are lured away by “big talk” and “big promises” or become distracted.

    Customers create a stable residual income that we all want for our businesses. Thanks for “telling it like it is” to distributors who want to build their business with integrity.

    I feel good about helping my gals develop the income they want and in the pace and manner that fits their individuality.
    Your industry expertise is so valuable as a voice of reason in a sea of tecno-babble.

  • I meant to say Pharmanex and techno-babble which proves you don’t have to be a good speller to have 10,000 customers.

  • Jan – Thanks very much for your story, nothing like the voice of experience. Especially successful experience. I hope at least some babies will follow your current lead and include those regular customers in their business building plan.


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