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  • I live in a small rural town and have advertised in the local papers for both my massage practice and network marketing business. The only time I received business from these ads was about 17 years ago when I first introduced massage therapy to this area. I think we are bombarded with so much advertising that we are becoming immune to it. I find I am attracted to articles I read or information that comes from the industry, and then am lead through that to make purchases. Again even though it’s not personal, I have a relationship with the magazine, or website, or person already.


  • One of the greatest days of my life recently was when we got a digital recorder for the cable and I could save everything and fast forward thru the commercials! I haven’t watched a commercial on TV in months!

    Not only do I miss the bs commercials, I save getting disgusted when I think someone actually got PAID for creating that drivel!

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