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  • Dear Kim
    Oh I cannot stand all that male… you know what!!
    And I am pretty assertive. I must guard against over-enthusiasm about… whatever… it is I am doing because I am a promoter but I know it.
    What works for me and has been working for over a year now since I won your groundbreaking… for me..New School Networking Course last fall.
    Even though I have been in sales and the Networking Industry for most of my life… almost everything revealed was new and fresh for me.
    I JUST tell my story and sometimes my special needs son’s story.. soooo much simpler, easier, and truer and always end with the question..
    “Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?”
    Kim… Today is Thanksgiving and you are high on my Gratitude List of women I am most grateful for.
    Please know… there is NOTHING that you could do or say ( not that you have!) that could take away even a tiny sliver of what you have given to me in your labors of love for this great industry many of us truly love.
    Thank you.

  • Ladies, I couldn’t agree more. Since a couple of guys took over our webcast and phone presentations lately, I can’t stand to listen in anymore. It’s not just because these are fellow and we currently only market a product for women, but more so that I don’t know their ‘story’. From the couple of times that I did tune in, there appears to be a lot of emphasis placed on recruiting etc, and there is a lot of hype which is a certainly different than when the ladies in my ‘upline’ were leading our mission.

    We have all heard how our industry has been tarnished by the acts of a certain few out there, and from my experiences thus far it appears as though ‘men’ may have contributed more so than women (for me anyway). However, please keep in mind that we are all not the same and we all have to seek to be the change we want to see in the world.

    Thanks for you all,

    Ed MacDonald

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