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  • I think these ideas about introverts and extroverts is fascinating to think about. Extroverts definitely have an edge on attracting and talking to people that introverts don’t.

    But introverts tend to understand more about the internal motivations of themselves and others but might have trouble applying it when they interact with people.

  • While, superficially, an extrovert might seem to have an advantage, this “either/or” scenario depicts the problem with such global categories. Most people tend to be more of a “mix” between the two (I know that I am!); and the ability to discipline oneself to undertake aspects of the tasks necessary in MLM which don’t necessarily “fit” with one natural bend is more of a precursor for success. – Greg S.

  • I have to say that the outward appearance of introverts/extroverts seems to point to extroverts being more apt to “tell and sell” the business to others, but the idea that the only difference between intorverts/extroverts is the way they interact with others is not necessarily true.

    The main difference between an introvert and an extrovert, IMO, is that introverts obtain their energy and/or motivation from WITHIN THEMSELVES, while extroverts get energy and/or motiviation from OUTSIDE THEMSELVES.

    What this means to me is that an extrovert mway latch on to the idea of the business but falter and fail and give up when they start to get the rejection that comes along with network marketing.

    An introvert, on the other hand, will keep plugging away at the business throuhg the rejection, as long as s/he has an intrinsic faith in the value of the product or service being sold.

    Both can do it, but they each need different support – extroverts need support to convince them to keep going even though they “feel” rejection strongly, and introverts need convinces and reminded that the opportunity & the business and its products are the highest value and worth supporting.

    My $.02…

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