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  • Didn’t know which one to post it on, so I posted it on both ;o)

    Here are some more reasons I have received for not joining me in my business…

    ==> Don’t have the time (to read)

    ==> Don’t have the money

    ==> Don’t like “those things” (MLM)

    ==> Can get it (the product) cheaper elsewere

    ==> Don’t like the monthly commitment

    ==> Have tried “those things” before and never made any money

    ==> I’ll wait and see if YOU make any money

    The last one’s a good one. If everyone thought like this of course nobody would make any money, because everyone would wait ;o)

  • Here’s how I rank why people won’t join the business:

    1. I’ll wait and see if you can make money.
    2. Don’t want the monthly committment.
    3. Don’t have the time.
    4. Don’t believe in it.
    5. Everybody sells the same product you’re selling
    6. It must be one of those things.

    Your rankings may be different, but when I pitch it to my friends, those are the answers I got.

    I no longer pitch my business to these people because I look for those who have the same name, mindset, and experience as me.

    my two cents…


    “You shouldn’t sell your product/service, your business, or your self. Let them sell themselves.”

  • “I’m not good at selling, like you are.” (If I’m so good, why wasn’t I successful in selling you then?) 🙂

    “I don’t have the time”

    “My spouse sells a different nutritional product”

    “I’m not allowed to sell anything at work”


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