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  • LESS Attracted is an understatement. How about totally repulsed.

    I have an acquaintance who persists in these types of tactics. She has created a very poor reputation for herself in local circles. And unfortunately, also creates a ripple effect of repulsiveness towards the network marketing indsutry.

    She is barred from events such as Chamber of Commerce expos and local health fairs, because everything has caught on that she uses repulsive tactics that dishonor people and are basically manipulative.

    Not to mention RUDE 🙁

    I like how John Milton Fogg teaches about Relationshipping, Partnershipping, and Friendshipping as a way to build our businesses with integrity and respect in our local communities and in the internet world.

    I have turned my whole team onto to Kim’s wonderful trainings on how to communicate and talk to people with respect, courtesy, AND effective results. While simultaneously gaining credibility and being given a royal welcome mat wherever we show up.

    Pat Crosby

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