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  • I think we all want to believe in “the American dream” > that if it’s possible for even one other person to achieve phenomenal greatness at something, then any one of us can achieve the same. The problem lies in varying talents, skills and ability to analyze return on efforts realistically that allows too many to delude themselves about how effectively they are truly being in any effort. Network marketing is so free-flowing and independently driven that there are numerous variables that come into play which can skew results for almost anybody if they’re not super-attentive to the details.

    It’s why businesses fail every day, both large and small…


  • I can’t say I totally agree with either of those answers in the poll. I’m somewhere in between the two. I have created full-time income in a year or less with network marketing, but I can’t say that everyone has the freedom to work their business that I do.

    Some people are working a full-time job when they start their NWM career… and that’s good. I was when I first started mine 15 years ago. But, those people don’t have the time that I have since I am able to work NWM full-time and don’t have to depend solely on myself for support.

    Some people have young children at home and I can see how much time that requires with homework, soccer games, family time, etc. For those people, it may not be possible to spend enough time to create full-time income in a year.

    I have the luxury of laser focus and I can work on my business all day if I choose. So, I don’t tell people that ANYONE can do it. It simply depends on your circumstances.

    Here’s what I do tell them:

    “A network marketing business is your “Plan B” security. If you were downsized, or can’t work at your job for whatever reason, and you have built an adequate income in network marketing, then you’ll have replacement income to fall back on. So, it’s never too early to start on your Plan B.

    Once you’ve created income to replace a part of your income from your job, perhaps you can convert your job to part-time and you have more time to build your business.

    If you have to depend on your income, then I don’t suggest you quit your job until you have built your business to the point that it replaces the income that you need to live every month and you have adequate savings to take care of yourself for six months, even if emergencies come up.

    In the meantime, take advantage of all the wonderful contacts you make working and build relationships with people you’d like to have in your business. When the time is right, tell them a little about your business and ask them if they know anyone who would like to earn extra income from home and create their own Plan B.”

    If they don’t know what a Plan B is, Great! That gives you the opportunity to explain how it can work for them.

    With this approach, you can under-promise and over-deliver.

    I also believe that God will bless you in your business when you are completely truthful and operate in integrity and have consideration for the welfare of the person you are dealing with.


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