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  • I had to take a peak at the results of the survey so far between the men and the women….. Interesting, very interesting!


  • Okay…I kind of commented a bit on this yesterday and I’m thinking that if I didn’t say that my preferred or predominant way of doing network marketing was ‘customer focused’, then I would be trashed..right :-), as isn’t that our focus here?

    Okay…I’m going to break the mold here and reveal that I have ‘sponsored’ a grand total of only…two reps thus far (sorry not the gazillions that some have!)

    I had approached both of them to give a demonstration only in hopes of maybe selling some of my kits. One fellow was on my hockey team and personally knows of 4 men on his street that are single dads because of breast cancer.

    The other person worked in a health food store and overheard my conversation with the manager about selling some of the kits on consignment as some retailers do and in some cases simply to raise funds for breast cancer research.

    They both sought out my replicated website and ‘signed up’ on line prior to even letting me know that they were doing so. Of these two folks, the gentleman is the only one still involved only from the perspective of being on the ‘autoship’ plan, and gives away his Self Breast Exam kits to family and friends every month, because he can afford to do so. He has stated that once he runs out of folks to give the kits away to then he will then ‘donate’ them to our charitable “Know Now Foundation” whereby they will at least be going to women somewhere in the world. I think this does examplify a ‘bigger’ mission within our company.

    Yes, I have run my Orange Ads under the “Distributor Wanted” category, but nothing so far.

    As previously mentioned, there have been more and more “heavy hitters” join our company lately, possibly due to the establishment of the “Know Now Foundation”, and yes… a good number of them are men. I can’t comment on all of them, but I did meet one of them this past weekend at a local ‘Women’s Show’, and the dude tried to recruit me even before finding out I was a rep. I was choked!

    Ed MacDonald

  • Very interesting responces so far, but keep in mind that most people who are checking this out are New School “converts” or getting there.


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