"Results not typical."

How often have you seen this in the BIG print, at the top and center of a web page:

EARN $2,500-5,000 per month! 10 Hours/week. OR:

$10,000 per month!

Naturally we see someone beaming in front of their big Ferrari or a giant mansion.

Then, at the bottom, in SMALL print (if you’re lucky), comes the tiny disclaimer…

“Results not typical.”

My question: Why trump up the big numbers to “everyone” when the results are obtained by almost no one?

Seth Godin, marketing consultant to people doing mass marketing, asked the other day:

“Fine print is everywhere I look. Fine print means that a lawyer has made sure that you probably won’t win a lawsuit, but is the lawsuit really the point?

When did marketers fall in love with the idea of overselling and then hiding, instead of doing precisely the opposite?”

Godin’s Blog

Shouldn’t we stop doing that?

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