Results of "I do NM" survey. Two tips.

Did you vote with the great majority on this?

Is defining yourself as a network marketer useful or not?

1. Yes 15 (15%)

2. No I wish I could say something more meaningful. 88 (85%)

If you voted 2, this post is for you.

The great majority of my students over the last 15 years have all said they gulped when someone asked them, “What do you do?” And saying “I’m a network marketer” obviously doesn’t do it for 85% of you who voted. Didn’t do it for me, either.

Knowing what to say and coming across as genuine and from the heart is perhaps the #1 problem most networkers have, based on all my years of training and teaching.

Here’s what I did with my reps, and what you can do for yourself.

1. Take some time to yourself. Appreciate the problem. It is not small, it is big. Then follow Godin’s advice:

“You lean into a problem, especially a long-term or difficult one, by sitting with it, reveling in it, embracing it and breathing it in. The problem becomes part of you, at least until you solve it. You try one approach and then another, and when nothing works, you stick with it and work around it as you build your organization and your life.”

2. During this process, ask yourself these questions. They are for YOU, not your upline or anyone else.

A. Why am I really doing this business?
B. What do I really enjoy about doing it most?
C. What do I really want to do – find customers or recruit?
D. What do I want to get really really good at doing?
E. If I don’t make money in the next 6 months, is that OK if I am acquiring my skill-set?

It may be that after your sit, you conclude that NM or sales is not for you at all. In that case, let it go, at least for now.

If you do have a strong feeling about making it work, be patient. Every skill takes time to acquire. You’ll need a passion for what you are getting good at in order to stick with it.

The answer to question A may surprise you. Weave it into what you tell people when they ask what you do.

If you always wanted to be an entrepreneur, say, you might tell someone, “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have something of my own, and now I do.” If they go, oh really, so what do you do? You can tell them – “I market a product for people who…”and end with the do you know anyone question I described in the Friends Lies and Network Marketing piece here.

The more genuine and specific you are, the more likely the other person can engage and perhaps, refer someone.

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Kim Klaver


  • I don’t feel at all bad about not having a pat answer for the “what do I do” question.

    I have the same problem with my corporate job.

    It takes about 5 minutes to explain what I do, and people still don’t get it.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)

    I’ve finally found a product I can share easily!

  • I don’t think it would be so hard to say we’re network marketers if we hadn’t experienced some negativity.

    By learning how we change negativity, it becomes easier all the time.

    I own my own business. I market products that help people ……

  • The other day, listening to one of Kim’s audios (Art of Recruiting, I think), I finally found the line that was a good fit for me and that I am now using. Kim said, “We build a network of people who use and market a product line.” Now, when asked, ‘what do you do’ I respond, “I own my own business … I build a network of people who use and/or market Aloe Vera health/personal care products.”


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