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  • I said yes to both, but really, we are part of a pauper nation because of our abundance. We have so much, (stuff, mostly) it distracts us from the important things. Even our technology which was supposed to make our lives better has not improved our quality of life but seems to take up more of our time.
    The NM industry contributes to the pauper trend because it rarely fills that void in us to do what we love. It usually is merely a vehicle to do what we love, but then takes so much time that we still don’t have the time to do what we thought we’d have time to do. (Not to mention the money drain).


  • No, we are not a pauper nation…..we may be led to think we are by all the stories. Times may be tough for some, but not for the majority of folks in the U.S.
    As for NM, it all goes back to ethics and character (same for the mortgage industry). If you use Instant Gratification ie. fast big money and do not explain that it will take work and time to build a team, you are setting up your prospects to feel like “paupers” when they don’t receive retirement income in a month.

    Ray Beattie

  • I think yes and no. I can not say we directly relate to the cause. I think to an extent the eagerness for man people NM to pick up anyone who breathes (big mistake) ensures that the quality of our talent pool isn’t always there.

    I think the biggest problem is our inability to manage our financial habits. I know plenty of well off MLM’ers who simply have more debt and bigger toys than when they started. MLM is missing a huge chance to teach people lower consumption and smarter financial habits.

    As for the first question, we are indeed a nation of paupers.

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