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  • I’m having a tough time coming up with any downside to having a school of network marketing. It seems like a slam dunk to me, so I’ll be particularly interested in reading opposing views.

    Let’s assume this is Klaver University, okay? That way everyone will be well trained, graduates won’t be out on the street offending the general public with too much gushing and seller-talk, undergraduates can transfer or change majors if they find this not to be their cup of tea after all, and everyone will know what to look for in a company so they have a good chance of joining the right one for them from the start.

    All this plus credibility we often have to scrap for now. What’s not to love?


  • I once had a college professer tell me that the main reason for attending college was to learn how to think. I responded with, I thought it was to learn literature or science. He responded that he could present liturature to me all day but it would not be until I learned to dig, probe, and understand the writer and writings that I would truly enjoy and understand liturature. The same is true for network marketing. recognized classes would create additional credibility, and allow for new ideas, and processes that would benefit all.

  • Hi Kim!

    Go for it!

    When you posted this blog post, this thought came to mind: Consider adding a class on ” Network Marketing, The Modern Day “Door to Door” Salesmen~The Kim Klaver Way!”

    I have always enjoyed your approach to this industry. Its a fun loving way to seeing the “reality” beind all the various “how to’s” that indidate us. Yet, you lead with the overtoning confidence “Been There, Done That ~ I Can Do it Again If I Wanted To” Cliche that builds seekers up, “You Can Do This Too~ If You Want To, I Will Be Glad to Show You How”

    I enjoy putting a link to your site, on my USANA site for those that stop buy, looking to see what I have on my site. There, those that have an interest for mentors, may take note and seek after more information for their own needs.

    Thank You Kim!
    Thanks for Being You!

    God Bless,
    Teresa Chapman


    “Health~ A Passion from Within!”

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