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  • Yes, good questions …
    and I’m betting most will not be able to claim NM as primary income even though that’s one of the biggest draws of the whole gig.
    Recent divorce put me in primary provider driver seat quite abruptly – and am ever so thankful for the residual I do have, not huge but a blessing at the moment.

  • Nothing new here and that is why 98% of people in NM are quitters. The question could be why are they quitters and the answer is “because they are quitters.

    No one will ever be successful in this industry unless that are passionate about what they do.

    If you like the money it will shine through. If you love the product you represent and the money you are making, that will shine through and that is the kind of passion that will attract more people to your organization.

    Here is a lesson to learn, it’s like having a baby! Focus on one thing at the time and you will have a better chance to become successful in this industry.


  • My NM money does not bring in big bucks right now, but it isn’t costing me anything either so that’s good.
    I made a commitment this year to put all my efforts into making this happen. The company I found is a perfect companion to what I do, and so I have found my passion (thanks to Kim’s great advice). I think if you are not making enough money maybe it is time to re-evaluate what you are doing. Are you with this company just to make money…. or is it your passion?

    If you follow your passion the money will follow. Believe me it does, this time I am seeing great growth in what I am doing… and I am happy.

    Find your passion… follow your dream.

  • Hi Kim,

    It took me 3 years in my current company and 7 years in network marketing but I’ve been full time since July 2007. My wife still has a job but the goal is by Christmas 2008 she’ll be able to retire too 🙂

    – Ben Fitts

  • Ivan,

    I can’t agree with you comments about the 98% of Network Marketers being passionless quitters.

    I am a big fan of passion, but it is not a guarantee of success. Every person that contends in the Olympic Games is passionate about winning the Gold in their event, but only one can win it. There are also “crimes of passion” so lets keep it in balance.

    I have been passionate about woodworking since I turned 12 and at age 27 thought I ought to make my living that way. I am way past that now and I still love woodworking and I still make a living, but not together.

    Beware of labels,
    Tom Doiron
    Tom Doiron

  • I must admit that I have not been working at it as hard as I could.
    I don’t make a lot of money, but the MLM system allows me to indulge my taste for high-end supplements. That in itself is pretty worthwhile!

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