Results: Who Would You Buy From First?

Got authority?

The “Authority or Friend?” survey (see here) hit a hot button. In 24 hours, 148 readers responded.
The results could be eye-opening to anyone having trouble selling their products or business:

Question 1: Who would you rather buy from (when it’s an upscale product
you don’t know much about):

Someone you consider an authority
a friend (who is not an authority)?

Of the folks who knew what they wanted and voted one or the other:

72 folks said: I prefer an authority.

19 folks said: A friend (who is not an authority).

Of the voters, some 80% chose someone who
they considered an authority.
Only 20% said
they’d choose a friend who was not an authority.

56 folks (38% of the total) “explained” their answer instead of voting one of the above.
Most of them suggest they prefer to buy from someone who knows what they’re talking
about (an authority) but like the “trust” a friend could inspire. Ideally, several said, a
friend who’s an authority and knows what they’re talking about, including competitive
products, would be who they’d buy from first. Many people said they liked doing their
own research on a product as well.

Here’s the summary of the survey so far. Obviously, you could sell a lot ore if you’re perceived to be
an authority.

PS. “How To Become An Authority in One Week.” I’m creating it now.
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Kim Klaver


  • For years we’ve been hearing that people buy from those they “know, like, and trust”. That was always put forth as an argument for network marketing being a superior marketing medium.

    Kudos to you, Kim, for asking the more perceptive question, essentially: “What is more important — Liking a salesperson or trusting their knowledge of the product?”

    This puts a whole new light on the subject. Ignorance on fire just doesn’t cut it, especially in the health & nutrition market.

    Sure, I would like to give my business to a friend, but first they must be knowledgeable.

  • I’d definitely buy quicker from an authority, and thank you so much for pointing this out! My eyes always get opened a little more when I read your emails.

  • While I missed out on the survey, I found the results very interesting. I was recently in an “awkward situation”. A long time family friend recently became a rep. for a nutritional mlm company. My husband & I experienced his excitement and saw some results from his own personal use of the products. We opted to become customers of an “authority” (with the same mlm company as our friend). Reason, we do not see our friend making a commitment to be in it for the long haul and not practicing what he is preaching.

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