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  • Some would still drop out. I feel it would be a small number compared with the 95% who drop out now.

    I feel most would stay. They would surely realize that if they can make $100.00 a month they could make $900.00 or $9900.00 if they don’t give up.

    If they are sold on a reasonable expectation in the beginning it won’t seem so small.

    If we will just plug our new people in to Kim’s training they won’t make all the mistakes that has kept a lot of us from reaching our potential in a reasonable amount of time.

    I feel we are on the right track, finally and I plan to enjoy the journey! Thanks, Kim!

    Ella Rose Williams

  • Whether or not a prospect making $100 per month stays would depend on many factors.. ie. how long had they been at $100 per month? 3 months or 2 years?

    Is the distributor able to grow his/her business or is it stagnant
    Does he/she have a duplicatable system in place with upline who can and will help them progress past the $100/mo into $250, $500 and beyond.

    Many factors including personal situations and ones own personal goals will also make a difference.
    Still if 95% saw $100 per month consistently, they would then have some success and be able to push through and reach higher success.

    Everyone needs some success to stay motivated.

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