Seeking dissatisfied network marketer

Seeking a few dissatisfied network marketers in U.S.
Someone who loves the business, wants to make a difference, and loves the new school network marketing principles and methods. Must believe nutrition matters. Intrigued by a start-up. Must commit to 10 hours per week minimum, for 6 months. Must have $350-500/mo available to market the product and business. Start-up cost $335 ($310=product). Must love doing wild new things. What if it does work? Email kimklaver[at]mac[dot]com. [at] = @, [dot] = .

Yes, I’m part owner of this tiny, new start-up. We’ll be experimenting with some very different marketing ideas. The goal is some steady residual monthly income after that first 6 months, from weird people just like us. As in, people who’ve had it up to here with the white bread culture.

There’s nothing public yet. I’m interviewing respondents to the ad now. Read the ad so you know where to email me.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi John:

    Yep, indeed I am part owner of a tiny, new start-up. How else can I put these principles to use with a team, when with most of my dear readers have upline and sideline telling them constantly to do the old school methods?

    This way they will not get any mixed signals. 🙂

  • Kim you are one brilliant marketer.

    I think the sentence that hits it home is the line where you say “Must have $350-500/mo to build the business.” This will definitely attract the person who is not looking for a get rich quick scheme so your retention should be through the roof!

    You are definitely targeting your market very well knowing there are a lot of frustrated failing people in this industry, and since you have a huge following just on this blog it is for sure going to be a HIT!

    Great job Kim! Keep up the good work.

    Do you have a link for all of us to take a look at?

  • Kim,

    You are calling my name. I would love more information.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Patricia: You write, “what is the “old school” method?”

    Old school is the constant hammering on recruiting as the only way to make money; no emphasis on customers; telling everyone how easy it is, how anyone can do it; how everyone should buy into the “proven systems” of leads and websites their upline make money on, mostly without the new people knowing…Insisting everyone tell everyone about the business and product in ways that make them unwelcome with their own friends, to name a few…

  • Paul – you ask “What in the world is ‘white bread culture?”

    They’re members of the predominant cultural group in the US who thrive on Wonder Bread, Twinkies, McDonalds and the like.

    There’s another group, to which I belong, that’s had it up to here with both promoting that stuff and consuming it. We are promoting and spreading different ideas about what to eat and how to live in a healthier way. Because we’re part of a group to whom nutrition matters.

    Different values, is all. We’re weird in that way, compared to the majority, and happy to be so.

    To each his/her own. So we seek others like us…

  • Paul

    I don’t eat white bread and now I can tell my 9-year-old son why he shouldn’t either. Even a kid can understand the example you pointed out.

    Thanks for giving the tip even if you didn’t know it was a tip.

  • My aunt used to say when you eat white bread it turns to glue in your stomach. Think she knew what she was talking about?

    Thanks, Paul for the tip.

    Patricia: Sounds like you’re a newbie. Sign in to Network Marketing Central (upper right hand corner) and download the ‘manifesto.’ “Old School” is what we are all here to learn NOT to do. Need further information … click on any member’s profile and any one of us will be more than happy to help you out in any way we can.

    Kim … good luck … let me know when you go international.


  • Kim, It’s really brilliant.

    I must tell you that I would be tempted if I were not already giving all my time to our own “little” start-up.

    You let people know before they ever contact you that there is time and money required in order to be successful.

    Brilliant Communication,


  • Jeanine,

    I’m interested in that too!

    I bought some of Kim’s stuff the other day (waiting for it to arrive), so maybe it will all be revealed there 🙂


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