How to sell online

Are We Selling It Wrong?

Ready for a surprise?

Most folks, when they have a range of prices for their products,
start with the smallest priced items first, and work their way up.

Is that what you do?

For example, Empower Network has a $25 blogging product,
and a Masters program for $3,500.

When an affiliate offers the product line (or the biz opp) to someone –
guess which product (r product package) they usually start with?

Hehehe.  You guessed it…the $25 item.

But here’s some interesting evidence that
STARTING AT THE TOP might work better…

“If you were a billiard-table dealer, which would you advertise –
the $319 or the $3,000 model?

“The chances are you would promote the low-priced item, and hope to
trade the customer up when he comes to buy. But you could be ..wrong.

Sales figures from a representative store…

“Customers were shown the low end of the line…and then encouraged
to consider more expensive models – the traditional trading-up approach…

The average table sale that week was $550.

“However, during the second week customers were led instantly to
the $3,000 table, regardless of what they wanted to see…and then
allowed to shop the rest of the line, in declining order of price…

The results of selling down was an average sale of
over $1,000.
” – Cialdini, Influence

How can you use this to sell bigger packages in YOUR business?

Start with the biggest package.

I’ve laid it out, step by step and word for word right here.
(Choose just one :))

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