Shall we dump the "friend marketing" sham?

Are you as sick as I am of “be my friend” requests from total strangers who are not friends at all, but fakers, screamers, and hustlers?

Who says ‘yes’ to these requests?

Oh I know – those waiting to cross-sell. Hehehe.

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Kim Klaver


  • I got a friend request this morning from someone I don’t know. I checked the profile and couldn’t understand why this person wanted to be my friend. I don’t think the profile is complete yet so maybe we will have things in common.

    If I send a friend request it’s because I’ve had contact with that person and like them, buy products from them or want to keep in touch because we have very similar interests. When I realize a person has sent a friend request just to promote their stuff, I remove them.

    Now what do I do with the friend request I got this morning? I’ll sit on it for a few days.

    Have we dropped the “Are You a Friend?” contest?

    “She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart.”
    – Author Unknown
    Dog’s are loyal

  • Maybe I’m odd – but I don’t see a thing wrong with being a plain ol’ – “nice” sales person.

    Yes, I know the “nice” part has to be a part of the individual’s personality in the first place. Which is why I think teaching people to make friends to make bucks is more transparent than glass!

    Yes, I do believe ones nice-ness can be an asset in ones business of “selling” things. But if you don’t have it before you join… well, good luck!

    I don’t know where people come up with stuff like this – it makes me want to say, “hey, get a life already and a real j-o-b while you’re at it!”

    I sell a product I believe in, and if someone is offended by that or me just being “me”… oh, well!

  • Yes, I’m tired of the “Be My Friend Approach”! It’s similar to being a millionaire and not knowing who your real friends are. This is a business, can’t we treat it as a business? We can be nice and helpful, but friendship takes time.

  • You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Choose wisely. You can be nice to anyone, but who do you want your “friends” to be. I have many people with whom I associate-they are not all my friends. I have many acquaintances-they are not all my friends. My circle of friends is much smaller. How do you define friend? Remember the saying Be careful of those who bow down at your feet……They may be reaching for the rug.

  • Obviously people do not understand friendship. I have met so many people networking and requesting friends on myspace, etc… Yes, eventually I hope some of them will join me in my business, but the rewards of having new friends out of the deal is pretty awesome.

    Why be fake and pretend to care? Why not simply make new friends and if they join you, then it simply happens.

    Roxanne Green

  • Okay guys, I guess I have a bunch to learn, ’cause I thought I’d been around the block a couple of times, and I just found out what F.O.R.M. meant in one of these posts yesterday.

    I just completed (a draft of) my profile, and I was clicking on some of the hobbies and things to see who else was as weird as me ;-).

    Anyway, I just sent an email to someone who listed acting as a hobby/interest and who graduated from college the same year I graduated from high school. Judging by the responses here, right now she’s probably wondering about my motives.

    And no, I’m not naive enough that the thought didn’t cross my mind, but sheesh, have we really reached the point that we can’t connect on a human level without antennae going up?

    Yeah, probably. Mine always do. The proliferation of spam and hucksters has made it so. Sigh.

    But I will say that this space has so far proven itself to be a safe haven from the encroaching hordes, and I’m willing to give people a pass until they prove themselves clueless. Thanks for that, Kim.

    “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” ~ C.S. Lewis

    I hope to make a lot of good friends here.

    Jan Weingarten

  • Here’s clueless me again. I thought my link would go to my nmc profile. Instead it went to my (nonexistent) Blogger url. So I’m trying again.

    Jan Weingarten

  • Okay everyone, this is obviously a sore spot with some. I am on myspace and a few other social sites. I do get quite a few friends requests that turn out to be just some stranger hoping to sell me something. I delete the post or email and move on. I guess my skin is thick, I just don’t care. I should send them a quick email about KIm site. Who knows maybe they will start paying for my profile on NMC.

    Now if I got that kind of mail from people at NMC I think I would get a bit aggrevated. You are all great.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Nancy Carlson

  • I have received many requests for “Be My Friend” on Yahoo 360. Many are people trying to recruit me into their business. Some are just people who don’t know how the system works and are just searching profiles and don’t know how to properly contact the person they want to contact.

    I sort them out by asking a simple question. “What was it about my profile that made you want to contact me?” If they can’t mention anything specific, they are probably just trying to recruit me into their business and not really interested in friendship.

  • I totally agree Kim.

    I look a the people who have requested friend status and most of the time I would be embarrassed to have my kids view their profile and photos. And 98% of the time they have just requested “friend status” to push their product, or video.

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