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Should I go all in? (Or, should I buy the BIG package)?

Should I go all in? (Or, should I buy the BIG package)?

There’s usually an advantage to buying a bigger package for a recruit, or in going “all in” as they say in Empower.
But it’s not the advantage some folks think it is.

Starting at a “higher level of the commission plan” –
by buying more of what you’ll be marketing – usually has this advantage to the
BUYER (in terms of income):

=> You earn MORE when you bring in an order.

Because you’re at a higher level in the pay plan.

=> However, buying the bigger package, or going all in does not,
alone earn you a dime.

Because you are not investing in say Apple stock. You know, where
you put in your money, wait, and hope that the value of your stock goes
up. You do not have to go out and hawk iPhones for your stock to increase.

=> However, with your INITIAL product/program/service $ investment
in an affiliate or network marketing company, you are basically buying
an opportunity for yourself to make (infinity) income.

To take advantage of the opportunity, you have to do one thing:


with that one purpose – bring in orders. Unlike buying Apple or Amazon
stock (or other such investments).

=> Bottom line: When you make that initial purchase of whatever
the company you represent is selling, you are spending money.
Not making money.

=> If you never bring in one order, you will never make one dime.
No matter how big of a package you bought at the start.

Bottom line: Spending money on initial product orders in our
business is just that: spending money. Making money? Well. You
have to bring in orders for that.


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