So what’s a people-person then?


Picking up on yesterday’s post…

How about this? – Someone who enjoys interacting with people, be they strangers or friends. A people-person might sit in a cafe and strike up a conversation. Or comment on something in your basket while wating in the grocery line.

Many like to give parties and think about people’s birthdays. Some start preparing their Christmas lists in October and buy presents in June. A people-person is good at creating social intereactions and maintaining them.

Then there’s the missionary who loves their thing madly and can’t help talking about it. Sometimes they rub people the wrong way because they haven’t developed the people skills that people-people have developed.

Bottom line: You can’t be a hermit and you can’t not love your product.

To do the party plan, seems like you’d need to be a people-person and a missionary type. Think?

How about a successful networker who does not do party plan? Do they need to be a people-person, a missionary or both?

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  • Hi Kim,

    Glad you clarified the “People Person” post. I do understand your thoughts about what a people person is and I agree with the missionary type. But I would have to say that the majority of the people that I know that are successful in a home party atmosphere are not necessarily the people person type that would just boldy strike up a conversation with just anyone. I do think the people person type would do very well by working the home party venue because they would be the ones with the most guts to ask for the party in the first place.

    Have a blessed day!

    Wendy Leal

  • My belief is that the rep has to have character. While the social butterfly aspect is not a deciding factor, being completely unwilling mislead IS a deciding factor.
    Being mission driven on the other hand is a given for real success in any endeavor, NWM or otherwise.

  • For me MLM is just word of mouth advertising. The ‘secret to success’ is when the products become part of your life and you’re using them because you love them and not because you’re selling them. If you can accomplish that, it does’t matter what personality type you are.

    Today at lunch a friend of mine was complaining about her ‘dry chapped hands’ … I, too, have very dry skin and my company has a hand lotion I ‘swear by’! I whipped out my tube of hand lotion and said ‘try this’ … she did … she liked it … and she asked where I got it. I told her I tried the product a few months ago … it worked for me … and now I market the product. She ordered a tube. I did not tell her about the ‘line of products’ (or the business) just shared the one product. Of course, I’ll include a ‘catalogue’ when I deliver her order. Two years ago I used another hand lotion and in the same situation would have recommended the ‘store’ brand (and not gotten paid). I have a problem with my hands … and for as long as I can remember have always had a tube of lotion in my purse … the difference today is I am the one making money off that tube of hand lotion rather than the retail outlet! The reason I made the sale (I think) is that the product REALLY has helped me, and my friend saw THAT as opposed to me trying to SELL her something. She had a problem and my product offered the solution.

    According to the book, “Personality Plus” the ‘Colors CD, and Kim (let your little light shine through), what makes this world and the people in it so interesting is that there ARE so many different personality types. Although there is always room for improvement in ones people skills, we should continue to be who we are and find ways to do the business that suit our unique personalities.

    I AM a people person (give me ten minutes in a grocery line and I will know a person’s entire life history) and ‘home parties’ are just NOT my thing. I have been asked to ‘do a party’ by friends. So, I ask the hostess to invite just a couple friends and I do the party as a really informal ‘informative’ kind-of-a-thing. We all sit around the dining room table, ‘play’ with products and I explain their benefits. That’s what works for me … and I think everyone should find what works for them and their God given unique personality. Rather than ‘mold’ our personalities around the business, I think we should ‘mold’ the business around our personalities!

  • I think maybe you didn’t need to be a people person or a missionary in Old School Network Marketing, but New School works best for those who are at least a little of both.

    Haven’t we all known MLM junkies who were constantly ‘on the attack’, not caring that much about people or even their own products? They just worked the numbers, pushed hard, practiced the takeaway, and finesssed the close in order to sell the dream. They recruited others who were fishing for a big hit as well as innocents who were convinced they’d miss out bigtime if they didn’t take a chance on flying with this persuasive salesman. (Okay, now, remember I’m talking about the junkies here — jumping from one deal to another after they’ve made a killing — I’m aware there are very lovely, principled people who did well in Old School, too, when that was all they knew!!)

    In either case, our audience has changed. People are sick of pushy marketing tactics. They’ve been burned, they’re more sophisticated, and they’re more skeptical. They’re smarter — after all, they’re just like us…hhhmmm, they ARE us! We have such a better chance of someone picking up on our message when we’re continually learning new ways to be careful and thoughtful about not shoving it down their throat.

    Hey, it’s a kinder, gentler world of network marketing we’re creating here. It may take a while for people to see the light of ALL that’s good about our industry, but they already seem to appreciate the ambience of our candle over that old interrogation bulb, huh?

    It’s sure made me comfortable enough to love and be relaxed about sharing MY good news!


  • Kim, you said, Bottom line: You can’t be a hermit and you can’t not love your product. I totally agree with that statement! I don’t think you have to be a social butterfly to be successful, but a genuine, caring attitude about people and a love for your product IS the way to a successful business. I guess there are people out there that don’t genuinely care about people, I think they would have a hard time building a successful network marketing business. So, if genuinely caring about people makes you a people person, then I guess that you do have to be a people person to be successful in network marketing, not just party plans. To be successful in party plans you really do need an outgoing type personality with a little spice to get people excited and ready to buy. I don’t do parties, but I have been to both types of parties and the really energetic, outgoing personality types do much better in sales.

    That is my 2 scents!

  • Its interesting, because Arbonne, the company I am with and where Donna Johnson made her career no longer suggests parties as a way of recruiting. They now recommend one on one or two on one presentations of the business opportunity at Starbucks in 20 minute increments after they have had some intial exposure to the idea of the products or the business. I don’t think either way makes you less of a people person. The difficulty with this business is being able to figure out when to approach people and when not if you don’t meet them as leads. It becomes somewhat of a strain to feel that evcryone you come into contact with should know about you and your product in a short encounter. If you are really a people person you would be interested in people for people’s sake and never mention the business unless they approach you. The same way that when you buy aomething from a traditional retailer you go and get it. The thing that turns so many people off and looses them friends is that people do not want to be sold to and all the covert ways whether new or old school make people suspicious. So maybe it is better to pick people for different things, people as friends and people as business associates and customers and if they end up as friends later all well and good but lets be honest about our intention otherwise we just feel bad and like sleazy salesmen. Juliette Gray

  • Schizophrenic Me ☺

    I am the kind of person who talks to people on lines, in elevators or coffee shops. And I am also a person who can go for days without having a conversation with anyone…yet I consider me a people person…

    I don’t “do” home parties…not my thing – but regular parties? Yup love them – and in my neighborhood we have many – [maybe that’s why I feel the need to not socialize at times?]

    But whatever I am – it works for me – yesterday a neighbor and I took our dogs for a walk so we could discuss improving the recycling rate in our area. By the time we got back to our local coffee shop – she was ready to buy some products and an hour later, she called and decided to become a rep as it was a more cost effective way to get the product she wanted but she had also thought it would be fun to work with me.

    I’ve learned to go with “my” flow –

    as I said above – Schizophrenic Me – my flow varies….

    of late this is what has happened for me:

    talk about recycling = get a rep
    talk while in spinning class = get sport products buyers
    talk about child development = get children’s product buyers
    post on my blogs about vitamins = get vitamin buyers
    blog about skin care = get a waiting list for those products

    no set plan – just doing what I do and being who I am – my kind of people person

    grow older better

  • I can relate to comments by both Lynn & Venetta. There are no hard fast rules, but talking to people or at least communicating with them in some form is key in this type of business. You have to creatively get your message to the people who need it. My most recent order came from someone who is a referral. The guy that told her about me and my products met me while I was wearing my sweathshirt that reads “Ask me for a free energy drink” He did, then I later found out from this lady he was showing the sample to everyone around town. Turns out he wasn’t interested in the business, but obviously for some reason wants to tell other people about it. So wearing my sweatshirt is just a creative way I have found to locate people who are interested in the product I am promoting. Sure it takes guts to wear it, but I am always ready to talk to them if they ask me.

  • I relate to Lynn’s “behavior”. Never thought of it as schizo LOL but I reckon it is. In my past life I made lots of friends and customers through the party plan of Mary Kay. I met them everywhere. Striking up a conversation at the card counter, costume jewelry, etc etc, getting their names and calling later and “getting them” to do a one on one or a party, referrals and others. And, I did a great show. Lots of fun. Let me say however, I was tense all the time. I didn’t like meeting people that way (my husband couldn’t believe I’d get a stranger’s name in the mall), but it was the way the upline said and showed how to do it. To me, it always felt like the pushy, untruthful person when I asked for their personal information. So I stopped. Now I’m learning the New Network Marketing Way. Feeling more at ease doing it “my way”. Learning more real life skills like just listening and see where it goes. It works and I’m feeling much more relaxed and happy. And many days I don’t have a conversation either.

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