So who IS your demographic?

If not friends, family or neighbors, who IS your demographic or your market?

Reader Robert asked me to describe the ideal
super business builder prospect, so here goes.

Begin by asking this question:

What does it take to build a successful network marketing business?

Let’s define success as earning at least enough income so you can quit your
full time job.  Shall we say $3k/mo or more?

Here are three characteristics of your market – right people, that is.

1. We are called “marketers.” So “marketing” and sales are two basic
skills one must master to succeed in NM. And to become great at it,
a person has to love doing it. Feel driven to totally be the best at it.
Be consumed and defined by it. Because. You need to be a
first rate marketer.  Isn’t NM a marketing business?

That’s why someone who tells you they don’t want to sell
is a lousy prospect to build a successful marketing business.

So ask for someone who loves sales and marketing. That’s what
we do. It’s in our profession name. Network Marketers.

2. Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

When I ask my students: What needs to happen for you to
get paid?  First answer I always hear is:  “Talk to people. Lots of people”

But. That is not what needs to happen for you to get paid.
No matter how many people you talk to, no income
will ever be paid to you UNLESS you bring in an order.  Either you
or someone in your pay-line must bring in an order to your company.

And that’s not enough. In the NM business model, you get paid ONLY if
you qualify that month with your company. That usually includes a requirement
that you make a purchase of a minimum amount.

The ‘no guaranteed income’ thing means you must seek out someone
who is willing to put in time, money and resources BEFORE they see
any income. The right person keeps right on asking for people who
love sales and marketing until they find a right one. By asking for them.

3. Someone who is committed to the philosophy
of your product or service.  E.g. Non-toxic cleaners.
Someone who believes that committing time and resources
to this cause means that they are doing something
that matters. That means the time commitment is given.
No dragging will be necessary.

Here’s a way to put out the word to folks you know…including friends
family and neighbors (you are NOT targeting them):

“Hey Aunt Lulu —
I’m expanding my business – I’m looking for someone
who loves sales and marketing like I do, and who wants
to build a business spreading the word about whole
food-based multis like I do. I want someone who really likes
the idea of some obscene income too.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a business
like that?  Who really wants to put the pedal to the metal to get
it off the ground?”

Does that help?

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