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Another at-the-heart piece of advice for the first day of the year, this from Seth Godin.

“There are three ways to deal with a problem, I think.

  • Lean into it.
  • Lean away from it.
  • Run away.

“You lean into a problem, especially a long-term or difficult one, by sitting with it, reveling in it, embracing it and breathing it in. The problem becomes part of you, at least until you solve it. You try one approach and then another, and when nothing works, you stick with it and work around it as you build your organization and your life.”

“Some people choose to lean away from the problems that nag them at home or at work.” More here…

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Kim Klaver


  • Just think how boring life would be with no problems. Problems stimulate us, challenge us and test our abilities. They grow us. They teach us. The way we solve problems is an insight into our gifts, strengths, weaknesses and personalities. Problems reveal things we would have otherwise not seen. What Seth says about leaning into a problem is good stuff.

    Some problems we will solve quickly, some will take team effort, and some we will not solve. All outcomes are good if have the right attitude toward the problem (and yourself). Yes, even failing to solve the problem is good. Contrary to popular belief, failure is a good thing…if handled correctly.

    I strongly recommend Failing Forward by John Maxwell. If you have kids or grandkids in High School or College, this would be a great read for them too.

  • When I reflect back for 2007, I am lean away from problem or run away. Sometime when I encounter challenge in recruiting or getting new customers, I lean away from problem.

    I think for me in 2008, I want to switch to lean into problem that I have

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