Some people worth twice as much as others?

Apple’s employees look to be twice as good as Microsoft’s.

Apple: Earns $1,288 million per employee
Microsoft: Earns $631,000 per employee

How does Apple, left for dead ten years ago, have nearly the same annual revenue as Microsoft, with almost ONE THIRD of the number of employees? For more, see here.

How would you explain this?

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Kim Klaver

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  • In one word, growth. Apple is growing and Microsoft isn't.

    Apple is a sales company that pushes innovating, creates new interesting products and changes peoples expectations.

    Microsoft has become a legacy company. A vast majority of their income comes from the sales of Windows & Office. Their old strategy of let others innovate then buy them or swoop in with their own product has stopped working. Zune anyone?

    Cool and new can charge a premium and maintain a fat profit margin.

    Both Apple & Microsoft launched phones in the last few months. In the first weekend Apple shipped 1.7 million iphone 4's. In two months Microsoft sold less than 10,000 Kin and pulled it off the market.

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