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Something inherently good starts this Saturday, April 24…

Here’s how I know when I’m offering something inherently good for my market.

First, I market something I do myself each day, to folks “like me” – people who are members of my tribe. My niche, as it relates to this value.

Take health and fitness.

I have been interested in fitness, energy and staying a size 7-8 – since I was 20. I have spared no expense nor effort to keep fit and healthy since then – over 35 years.

Not a day goes by that I don’t do something for my fitness and energy. For example, I run up a nearby mountain everyday (4 miles), stand up when I work at my computer – yes for hours and hours for many years – and I consume 99% real non-processed, non toxic foods.

So that’s why I know marketing Dr. Heidi’s ER real food eating program is inherently good for my market – people who care about their health, energy and size, like I have for all these years. The ER program is the same one I’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

And because I live ER eating, I love selling it to anyone else who shares those values.

And I know there is no evil or harm that can come to anyone when they eat non-processed, non-toxic real foods from local farmers. The evil and harm has come from processed and toxin-loaded food-like substances that people trusted were nutritious and were not.

Why am I telling you this? One big reason:

THIS SAT a new ER Fat Burn cycle starts with Dr. Heidi. A five week program designed to rejuvenate your body with real foods, oils and proteins that can restore your body as well as it has mine and hundreds of others.

What’s encouraging about the ER Fat Burn? Consider this:

Local farms are springing up in every part of the USA. That means it’s possible to get 100% grass-fed meats and pastured chickens and eggs. And where there is no local farmer’s market, you’ll discover how to order ER foods online from a variety of places.

Do you want to join us and learn how to eat healthy again? And not be hungry all the time anymore? (Regular foods are so processed that they have almost NO nutrition left. That’s why you’re hungry an hour after you eat. And feel the urge to eat again.)

Learning to eat just the right meats, poultry and fish is a magnificent start to restoring your bod to the glory of old. You’ll get a wonderful ER foods list on day one. People love that list and take it with them to the bathroom, even. Just to hold it.

Anyway, want to meet Dr. Heidi, my oldest friend?

Check out her 12 minute video where she describes what you get in her ER Fat Burn program.

ER Fat Burn cycle starts this SAT, April 24. In five weeks, your body can experience the feeling of nutrition like it hasn’t had for years. We’ll help you do what WE do each day.

You coming? If video is not your thing, read the ER Fat Burn program description here.

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