“Stealing her joy”

“Hi Kim,

“My wife (of 41 years) Lilli, and I, have built
our business together but have two different approaches.

“The title ‘helper-healer’ is a perfect description
of her heart.

“So together, over the years, she has emphasized product
while I, the ‘provider’ type, saw the value in the business-opportunity
and took that approach. We have seen good success in the past.

“In the last two years she has come too much toward
the recruiting side.  Mostly because the training we get is
focused there.  This is affecting her in a way that I would
describe as ‘stealing her joy’…

“It tends to leave her closed-mouthed about our products
and business now…”

“What to do?” …Joe T.

Readers: What would you suggest they do?  How can anyone pursue a
business or anything else that takes life force and energy when
the joy has been stolen right out of it like this?

1. What do you recommend Joe and Lilli do?

2. What do you recommend the trainers in front of the room do?

Use comments below.

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Kim Klaver


  • Have Lilli use Kim’s fine book on 100sales in 100days to get back on the product track and only communicate with upline or corporate people who are excited about the products

  • Hi Kim, I would advice Joe to encourage Lilli to go back to the products and what she is most passionate about and steer anyone she feels is interested in the business to him. I too have had my joy stolen by the major players pushing only the recruiting part of the business. I have great products, great company, great comp plan and local support BUT hated trying to recruit others before I’d had what I would consider some of my own success. Your 100 customers program gave me so many answers to the question of how can I do this business in a way that works for me and serves others with our great products and in a way I can still get to the point where I can do this full time with a really solid income. I love it! Lilli needs to do what she loves and let her husband handle the recruiting side!

  • Dear Joe, You and Lili have the perfect setup. Everyone in a small business needs to know how everything works, but there is no time to do it all so it is important to share. Lili loves to help people and sell the products, let her know that is her passion. Tell Lili that you love to recruit new associates and this is your passion. It’s your passion that makes both of you successful, a win-win situation for everyone involved. Remember when you first started your business, the recruiter asked you to focus on your dream? Don’t let the dream fade away.

  • Joe and Lillie,

    First of all, I would tell anyone upline… including the company, that it’s your business to run as you please and that you do what you’re passionate about doing, which is what keeps you doing it successfully.

    Next, I would contact Kim Klaver and at least get her Enchilada training package to learn how to best approach prospects about the products or business you’re passionate about and feel others should have too.

    Personally, I go about it as a chain store builder that’s developing a client base first… then chat with those customers that are happy with what I recommended and ask them if they’d be interested in sharing their passion for the product/service with others, as a way to pay for their own purchases… even if they’re not the big business builder type.

    Joe and Lillie… there is absolutely nothing wrong with how you were approaching the business before, so don’t let anyone else try changing how you feel about it. You’re working as an effective team and you love what you’re doing and that’s exactly how some of the most successful businesses in the world were built.

  • Lillie, don’t let anyone steal your passion and joy. Each of us long to follow our passion. Don’t give up your power and do follow your heart and find your joy again. Up-lines don’t always know what’s best. Suggest Kim’s approach as recommended training to get customers and leave their present training to the Joes. In the final analysis customers are the backbone of any business.

  • Go back t the way they operated before. Both were passionate about what they were doing in their combined business. It is the passion that wins through. doing something you don’t enjoy is soul destroying.

  • “Home is where the heart is.”
    Focus on what you love and the money will follow.
    Lilli – Focus on the benefits of the products (as previously done and enjoyed).
    Joe – Focus on recruiting business builders (as previously done and enjoyed).
    Trainers – Provide the skills and teach induviduals to succeed in either option – selling products or business.

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