Step 5: Lead With YOUR Hot Button, Not Theirs

(If recruiting isn’t going as fast as you’d hoped, consider, instead of quitting, building a steady customer base. Step ONE here. Step TWO here. Step THREE here. Step FOUR here.)

How do you reach that special one who would buy your thing if they just knew about it? Almost no one with money responds to ‘this is the greatest’ anymore. So how about something new?

Pretend you love tennis, and you’re looking for a tennis partner. Wouldn’t you just ask around for someone who plays tennis? You are “calling someone by name” – in this case, someone who plays tennis.

You are leading with YOUR hot button here, see that? You’re not asking what sport the prospect likes, and then hope you can accommodate the person. No, you ask for what YOU want.

Isn’t it time you start asking for what and whom you want?? That’s how I recommend you find your best product customers, starting right now.

STEP FIVE: Lead with YOUR Hot Button. Not Theirs

First task is figuring out the ‘tennis value’ of your product. Why do you love it and what does it do for you? This is personal to you. It doesn’t come from a brochure. It has to come from within you. It’s your before and after. Your values. Why YOU love it.

Once you have that down, which is a step-by-step chapter in the orange book, you’ll be able to ask for people who blah blah blah, like YOU. Same way you ask for someone to play tennis. You’ll eventually be referred to someone who plays.

Isn’t that the idea here? Find someone who already ‘plays’? (See Step ONE: Seek not to convert. Seek the converted. Here.)

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  • One of my Mentor-Mantras: "Market To Yourself."

    You continue to amaze & please Ms. Klaver (Well-Tempered Klaverlier)

    I appreciate you.

  • Wow… I like John's comment "Market To Yourself". It so works with "lead with your hot button".

    It made me think how would I want to be marketed to. What would they say that would get my attention about my business – what would turn me off. Am I doing sales talk babble? What can I change to make it me, to be sincere?

    When I try to do it the way the aka: heavy hitters do it, I feel like throwing up. It's sad but so many of them treat people like dollar signs and numbers. All you hear from them is "It's a numbers game".

    I wanna scream we are not numbers we are people.

    We have value as your customer or downline, whether you earn $1 off us or a million.

    That's why I have gone back to your book and tapes, I have decided to leave the herd.

    As Frank sang… "I'll do it my way"

    Anybody wanna join me!

  • Oh my word! I just got it! You know how in the animal kingdom an animal comes up to you and is invisible and then if you have seeds it appears as a duck but if you have a bone it looks like a dog? Of course Not!!! that is ridiculous!

    An animal's identity is always apparent FIRST. Even from a distance you can see what kind of creature it is and then based on that all other creatures know how to treat it (or avoid it as appropriate) and then everyone expects that identity to persist and be consistent.

    Yet those of use who are good at accommodating others wonder why others don't later accommodate to us. Because we showed up as an "accommodator animal" and nothing creeps out animals (including the human animal) quite as much as an animal shapshifting into another form right before your eyes.

    Deciding upfront what "animal" you are before you even show up will clearly and honestly eliminate all the hidden agendas, manipulation, assertions of betrayal or subsequent power plays of "why does it have to be your way?!" When unexpected changes are introduced.

    Of course certain animals are ALWAYS avoided by other animals every chance they get. But isn't it better to get the rejection out of the way cleanly and honestly up front? Duh? How have I missed this.

    OK I've understood this for years in my business life which is why I am so efficient in my bus life (~almost one day/wk necessary to meet survival expenses). But I'm just realizing this has been the bane of my personal life which has consumed most of my attention and energy.

    Interesting how you can have something mastered in one part of your life but not in another until you hear it over and over in different ways until it just whacks you on the side of the head like it just did with me right now.

    Thanks, Kim for that insight that finally clicked in a new and especially relevant way. I'm a long time "lurker", but never posted before.

    'Sorry so long … You know the: "If I had more time I'd have written a shorter letter…" applies here.


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