How to make money online

Step One To Make Money Online Fast

PiggyBankSmall List Owners: How to take
your first step to guru-dom –
and make your first online money.

The formula:

**Learn something. Do something. Teach something.**

1. Plan to learn something. Like generate 50 leads in one week.

2. Do that – get 50 leads to your list in a week. (Countless
resources online – often free – that teach that. Google it. Or
I can recommend something in any price range you want.)

3. Offer a Google Hangout (no cost to you or your audience) to
show others how you did what you did.

Where the income and satisfaction come from…

=> Chances you are you bought a tool to generate your list, (say
a lead capture page service or a list service).

=> You can show your audience how YOU used that service,
and how THEY TOO can GET that particular service. (Yes, you
become an affiliate, and earn a few shekels on the sales, which of
course you disclose.)

Eureka! You have begun your online “guru” career by 1) helping
others (even your first audience is 5 people!) AND 2) you’ve
earned a few shekels.


PS I will likely DO a little GH demo on how to do this soon.

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