Suddenly rich Mr. Herbert

“People laugh at metal detectorists,” said Terry Herbert, a gent who spent 18 years stumbling about farmers fields in England with his little metal detector.

Indeed, Mr. Herbert never found anything more valuable than a piece of an ancient Roman horse harness.

But then one day this July, this amateur treasure hunter stumbled onto a hoard of early Anglo-Saxon treasure, probably dating from the seventh century and including more than 1,500 pieces of intricately worked gold and silver whose craftsmanship and historical significance left archaeologists awestruck. More here…

Who else is ready to take action and do something because they just feel called to, or just want to? Almost every day? For 18 years? Or however long for as long as you just enjoy doing the thing.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    This is a KEY point for the part-time network marketer who wants to become successful.

    You have to build your business in a way that is enjoyable to you. That way, when you don't "cash in" immediately, you can still sustain the activities.

    About two years ago I came to that conclusion and aligned my business activities with things I loved to do.

    The result?

    My wife Julie and I were recognized as one top 50 in our company this year.

    Walter Reade (from Wisconsin)
    Slight Edge Sponsoring (ebook)

    . . . . .

  • Great point, Walter. If your part-time home business is a drag, why not just settle into your day job?

    In network marketing, people don't get started with you just for the products or great compensation plan. They are buying into you. Your energy and enthuiasum for what you do is what other people are looking for for themselves. That quality alone is by far your biggest asset.

    Kudos to you, Walter, for getting clarity on that. It will pay off big-time.

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