Are your people the reason your business is no fun?

A dream business is one you love AND you earn a
great income.

To love it longer than just the first month,
you need dream customers.

Who wants customers or partners that you have to
motivate every day and drag across the finish line?

Yet we ALL have mostly those people, don’t we?

Who is your ideal customer?  Who do you want to sell to?

Lesson learned: Wrong belief?

Here’s what most of us believe…confirm for yourself:

“Everyone wants to make money from home (on the Internet,
for example) so that’s who I’m selling to.”

Wrong.  That’s a recipe for failure, I’ve learned.embarassed monkey

The majority of those people – as you’ll discover if
you haven’t already –

  • don’t have any money
  • don’t have any time
  • don’t have any skills
  • don’t have any resources and
  • they’re not the kind of people who were likely to have succes

Is that your dream client? Is working with those kinds of
people going to make you happy (or make you money) each day?

Ask yourself: Who DO you want to work with?

When you get that, everything changes…

Next: Tips about who I want to work with, people that I can help.
Might help you define YOUR market…:)

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