Surprise enemy #1.

Who doesn’t long for success? Big success?

Two things we all know:

1. Most people have regular jobs, and stay in them for 40+ years.

Nearly all turn you down when you present the opportunity to have something of their own. Even something that could be big. (Why won’t they see this? Waaaah!!)

2. Most networkers (and others trying a business of their own) don’t stick long enough to give themselves the time make it big. (Much less extremely big.)

Here’s the surprise culprit in both scenarios:

Instant gratification (ig).

Group 1: Too much ig.
Most folks are in the job
for 40 years because they’re hooked on ig. Not big igs either – little igs do it. So long as it’s something everyday…

The muffin and latte on the commute to work, the pats on the back once there, the occasional chance to be heard, the little promotions along the way, the morning pastry cart, the water cooler chatter, the steady paychecks, the insurance, the possible pensions at retirement, etc.

None of these are “big igs” but they satisfy. They keep a person right where they are. Why change? It’s not really that bad…

Group 2. Not enough ig.
The lack of those same little igs keeps the network marketer from sticking long enough to make it big.

When you’re calling people, following up, running ads, playing endless phone tag, waiting for people to contact you, looking for motivated people to join you, having people drop out, hearing your upline nag at you, spending money on events, leads, and training programs, not enough money coming in to cover your costs, an unsupportive spouse, etc., there are just not enough igs (related to the business) to keep you motivated.

It’s the absence of daily igs that starves the motivation network marketers need to keep on. We all learn that in our own business, there is no income early on and worse, no certainty of income at all.

So we go to our ig haunts for the ig fix- Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, the bon-bon box or the local pub. That helps. For a while.

How does one keep going with almost no little daily business-related igs?

My motivation certainly goes up and down.

One thing I’ve done over the years is redefine my daily igs. They’re not external, like sales, but internal. E.g. when I see that I’ve made a better presentation than before, or that I thought of a new marketing angle worth trying, I get some ig.

I’ve made it a point to notice those little improvements. They’re process igs. At least I can control those totally by the amount I practice and try again. And, they give me courage to keep going…

Readers: What do you do for your daily igs to keep yourself motivated in your business?

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Kim Klaver


  • For me, since I haven’t made any big money yet, it is ONLY the little “ig’s” that keep me going. The main ones for me are the sense of belonging to something bigger, seeing myself change and grow, the friendships I’ve made along the way, and a way to put feet to my values.

    After 15 years, if I were only motivated by money or status I would have left this field years ago.

  • WOW, was this ever timely for me! I’ve been in a slump as far as sales in spite of just getting back from conference all fired up. I’m doing the activity and yet the results aren’t pouring in as fast as I would like. I’ve been focusing on the fact that I’ve only got one new customer order this month (I like to go for a minimum of 5), rather than reveling in the fact that I got 3 new distributors. My inner ig seems to always say, “yeah, but what have you done for me lately?”

    I just need to focus on what IS working and learn from what is not. Thanks for your wisdsom, Kim!


  • I so totally agree. Instant Gratification is what it’s all about. The kicker is it’s goal related delayed IG. I have been working on a little project around the office. What the project is isn’t important. What is important is that I didn’t give up on it and when I overcame the obstacle there was delayed IG. And I’m feeling pretty good about it. Now when it comes to developing business the IG is also delayed. People expect things to just Pop make a call and you get a win. It doesn’t work that way. You have to feel good that you made the call little IG. So to make it more instant we need to have the pipeline filled with projects that will give us little IG. It’s tough to keep going. We have to internalize the gratification in order to succeed.

    Rik Harvin
    Melbourne, FL

  • Dear Kim,

    Here you are again with your probing and thought provoking questions.

    Are we 100% sure that it is IGs that keep people in their rut or cause them to quit NWM? I have always considered FEAR the biggest vilian. One thing for sure about fear is that it tries to hide itself. For example, pride many times is just a cover up for fear.

    I will play along this time and I think Sue really hit on an important IG with the friendships we develop. An IG for me is the priviledge to rub shoulders with “I can do” people. They just have more zest for life than those stuck in the job.

    That’s a big reason for me hanging around this blog. Everyone here has dared to be different and break out of the mould. Cogratulations to each and every one of you; even if you aren’t making a trillion dollars per month, yet.

    I want my IG’s,
    Tom Doiron

  • Kim you said it so well, I feed off the little improvements. My biggest IG is blogging. I’ve blogged almost every day for the past 7 months and it is giving me hope for IG in progress. Some days it’s a bust, others I do get IG from a really moving post.

    Now it makes my day when I find other people are re-posting my stuff and writing about my cause. It might not be making me LOTS of money yet, but it’s not costing me anything either. I never knew I could do so much online and meet so many great people who share my passions.

    I also am lucky to have a great team to work with, great ideas, great friends and the biggest thing, we have each others back, we aren’t going it alone. These people give me IG for the work they do and help they all give.


  • Not exactly IG but what has kept me and still keeps me from making significant progress in NM was my fear of public speaking. I know to make it big, I’ll most likely need to be in front of an audience. My solution; joining Toastmasters.
    I now completed 10 speech assignments and 2 weeks ago I gave a talk outside of my Toastmasters club about my NM company to a crowd of over 50 people. That was a big accomplishement for me! If not for the business, at least in self improvement.
    I’ve learned that a business is as much about self development as it is about helping people and making money. I love the self development part of it. That keeps me in.

  • This is something I remind people that what I have achieved so far was not overnight results and it wasn’t just luck, it’s because I keep going even when most people would quit. I have learned to help others celebrate their “ig’s” and acknowledge them with recognition even with small successes. People really appreciate it when you do that.

  • I refer to what Dale Calvert teaches. 1-3% will do our biz w/ or w/o us…just get out of their way. They have their own “IG’S” and just let them be. The trick with this small % is simply finding them. They ARE out there.
    My suspicion is Kim is one of them 🙂

    70% just aren’t going to do the biz(for the long haul) if God Himself came down and tapped them on the shoulder. Our industry calls it ‘more excuses than reasons’ but imo, they are just not meant to be a part of what we do..and that’s not only fine, it’s necessary.

    Someone has to be the accountant, the lawyer, the butcher, the baker the candle stick maker…OR we would not only not have an opportunity, we would not have anyone to do our accounting etc.

    Approx. 27% will, with some nurturing from us, have the self motivation, (albeit w/ their own set of sabbatoge methods as most of us have)….but these are the ones that if we encourage them and teach them how to celebrate their activity vs. their results, direct them to how they can plug in, make them realize they DO have a place on the team (sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves)love them no matter how much they do or do not produce, they can eventually win and thus, we can win as a result of truly caring about them.

    I guess my point is that as far as “IG’s” are concerned, from my experience, while we all may have them, it’s only that 27% that truly matter as far as our assisting them in pointing, guiding and directing them with regard to how their own IG’s play a significant role in their biz.

    Once we ‘get’ these numbers (as far as the business goes), it’s SO easy to let go of those who fall into the 70% because we realize it’s not that they are wrong, or bad, or lazy, or scared, or whatever label we tend to put on them. It’s just that for now, they are not someone who ‘gets it’ and hence, they are not someone we need to spend any more time on (re: our biz) and that frees US up to seek the 30%, and it frees THEM up to still be our friend.

    This is already long enough but to this I really want to ad that if you have been in this biz for over 1 year without a lot of success but still plugging away, I would guess you are part of the 27%!

    What that means is it’s just a matter of time (months or years…who cares) that YOU WILL experience your own vision of success. If you’ve been involved in our industry as a business for over 1 year, you have already separated yourself from the masses and my suggested would be to hang in there and ‘get’ that you are different. Let it be OK that others don’t get it. They are part of the 70% and we need those people in our lives. Don’t we?


  • Whenever I reach my activity goals for the week (so many calls, appointments, meetings, etc.) I take the weekend off and go play. When I don’t reach my goals then I work Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. That sucks really, as I do like my free time, so I do all in my power to make sure I reach my activity goals for the week (not production goals, which you can’t control).

    The other “ig” is that I make the weekly opp meeting (I no longer use a typical opp meeting but everyone else around me still does) a **party**. So when it is all said and done we get to socialize and enjoy some adult beverages 🙂

    Amazing how many people come around because they look forward to such a weekly event. Some of them eventually even become productive…hehe

  • I love staying connected with this blog and it seems that many of us use this experience to partially fill the “ig” gap.

    I’d add to Tom’s mention of fear as a cause of drop-out–discomfort at being a beginner and “not knowing”–not knowing what to do, when to do it, when to stop doing something….

    Personally, I have always found my local coffee shop (with free WiFi) is the perfect substitute for the social gap that working at home vs. my old job left for me. Just today, chatting with the young gal who is often there in the morning when I drop in after my exercise date, I was able to help her connect with some people who could help her achieve her next career goal (not MLM-related). Gratifying. Just getting to know where the local haunts are and who hangs out there is gratifying. Commuting used to take up the time I now have to live locally and make local relationships.

    Like Robin, I have new online friends and online accomplishments. I love to blog since it keeps me focused daily on communicating, even when the day is spent in my office.

    Thanks for the chance to think about this IG perspective, Kim.

    Kate Williams

  • yea IG can be killer… which is why i think its a good idea to be able to do more than 1 type of job o_O

  • Don’t forget another “ig” – TGIF, Thank God It’s Friday.

    One of my gratifications is I’ve learned how to talk to people. I now have the right mindset and use the right words to attract the right people for the nutritional product that I market.

    Paul Eilers

  • I would have to say that the little ig’s are a strong motivator for me, so thanks for forcing me to think in terms of those same little ig’s keeping my prospects from hearing me and making the move.

    As always, you provoke thought, generally outside the box. I really appreciate all that you do.

    Time for me to grab another little ig and go post to my blog. It’s the little things in life!


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