How to sell online

Surprise money source for network marketers…

Surprise money source for network marketers…

If you learn to market, your income is not limited to
whomever you can sell today or this week.

Did you know that?

You can build a list for the 90-95% who do not join or
buy now, learn to market so you can offer some value and
caring to them, and when the time is right FOR THEM,
some WILL buy or join.

And if not your “deal” – yes, gasp – you might even
offer another product (your own or an affiliate product)
that you’ve found helpful to build up your own marketing
and sales skills.

Properly planned, you’ll have more steady money
coming in – from your newly formed list (your
tribe or community). And the readers will thank you for
helping them learn the basic of earning income

Then you won’t feel quite as desperate for that
immediate sale…nor will you come across like
one of those, because you won’t be one…:)

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