How Do I Talk To Strangers About My Product?

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How Do I Talk To Strangers About My Product Or My Business?

See the words we used, right here 

Did you know...Despite today’s internet world, I’ve gotten hundreds of requests like this:

“How do I approach strangers when I’m out and about?  I’m out of warm market and I don’t want to talk to them, anyway. And I’m not ready for Facebook yet…”

Did you know…We personally did MASSIVE “street walking”, mall cruising, and planned bump-into’s. Anytime I was outside, anywhere,  Kinko’s at night, unemployment offices…

We brought in dozens of customers and recruits that way.  And we taught that to hundreds of the team members over the years.

We brought in dozens of people, including some top producers, talking to strangers.  Want to know what we said?

See the words we used, right here 

It’s a little three page PDF report. (“Cadavers” because like in Med School, we can NOT do them harm, and they won’t mind our mistakes…)

This short report also has a link to the complimentary orange eBook to get script details…

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