The best investment you can make…

…in any market — up or down — is in yourself.

So says one extremely successful entrepreneur… It’s what I’m doing, too. My friend continues:

“Take this down market as a time to focus on yourself, professionally and personally. If you’re a level seven marketer, make it your personal challenge to become a 10 of 10. If you’re 20 pounds overweight, get a trainer. (ER Fatburn in Jan is my choice…kk) And if you can’t focus, start taking Tae Kwon Do lessons (or do the ER Detox with me starting Nov 2 and 19 pals.”

As for improving my marketing level, I’m learning from some very clever folks some marketing approaches I had never considered. It’s very cool to see how other genuinely caring and skilled “little people” are marketing what others want to buy, and making thousands per day doing it.

They’re pulling in thousands per day,right now, in the midst of all the media gloom-and-doomers. What do the fear mongering media really have to do with us entrepreneurs, anyway? We don’t make money when they sell papers and their Google ads. THEY do when they suck us in.

Invest in yourself. Learn to market. As my friend Frank said today:

“Good marketing is completely immune to any economic disaster, real or perceived. The reason why is because people will always do ANYTHING to get what they want. This is why you see satellite dishes atop single-wide trailers with brand new trucks parked in front of them.

“If you find yourself watching the news talk about the ‘bad’ economy, TURN IT OFF and get back to work.”


What are you doing these days to invest in yourself?

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Kim Klaver


  • I’ve always wondered about pages like the one you provided a link to. I never see them as credible, and I wonder why others do.

    And they all seem to be SO LONG – like spewing hype. Don’t these endless pages violate the principles of short and sweet?

  • Bret – you write “I’ve always wondered about pages like the one you provided a link to. LONg and spewing hyupe”

    I assume you mean the “thousands per day” page?

    Short and sweet does work sometimes. Other times, a long sales letter that offers info to prove their worth are in order. This guy sold hundreds of his programs in the past few days because the questions any normal person would have – like is it really and good – were answered well enough so they bought.

    Yes, I’m not a fan of the big blue and red fonts and would never use that style personally.

    But because the program is good, I recommend it and warn my readers about the hype.

    When a person like this has had such wonderful results seems like people want to read more.

    If we knew for sure, we’d be kings and queens, yes?

    TEST TEST TEST and see what happens.

    This is sure working for THIS guy.


  • Well, Ok, I went back and read through most if the stuff.

    Are you using this?

    Underground marketer…secret formula….big results in just days… I could have sworn that in your Truth book you told us to RUN from these offers.

    I’m confused…


  • Hi Kim,

    Your guy Michael wrote: “If you want to increase your income, you’ve got to do something different than what you’ve been doing all this time.”

    Who can argue with that, Bret?
    Change is a part of life. Kim is my second respected mentor who has linked me to this guy in recent days.

    In answer to Kim’s question: “What are you doing these days to invest in yourself? “

    I am remodeling my mind and my office. Both are way overdue. I intend to become leaner and more efficient in both places.

    Business as I knew it changed when the Secretary of The Treasury made his exciting announcement. My closing ratio has slid from 80% to about 10%. Reluctantly, I have to trim my margins way down just to get some work. It is not much fun anymore, so “something different” is looking pretty good.

    There are a couple of other sources of internet marketing expertise that I have been monitoring. Honestly, my biggest hesitation is that I will have to become glued to my LCD display to learn all this stuff firstly and then secondly to tweak and maintain effectiveness.

    I like my computer, but I don’t want to be sucked into it. However, the future of business is resting in the WWW. The early pioneers have blazed some prosperous trails for those of us that are daring and trusting enough to follow in their foot steps.

    Even in this Y2K information era, the early bird is still coming up with the worm.

    Thanks Kim for sharing your usual great insights.

    Move over red Robin,

    Tom Doiron

  • It does seem to be completely opposite to Kim’s usual recommendations.

    I am scared that i will pay $100 bucks to buy a system that tells me to set up a system like his…

  • Anon writes:
    “It does seem to be completely opposite to Kim’s usual recommendations.

    I am scared that i will pay $100 bucks to buy a system that tells me to set up a system like his… “

    Too funny…if you are afraid to buy it, don’t. I recommend what I think readers here might find useful.

    This copy is loud yes. However, the guy has actually earned the money he claims to have earned. I’ve reviewed it and use some of the suggestions myself.

    Customers to me are the reason for the success and longevity of a business, and this guy has ideas to get them that I suspect most of my readers have never heard of…

    Ergo…now you know about it.

    It’s very cool.

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